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Everything is getting more expensive – Do you have living problems? Send BILD a video!

This residential year is going to be really expensive! Not only that the prices for food, gasoline and services have risen sharply – tenants also have to pay more: Corona surcharges from service providers (caretaker, elevator maintenance) and rising energy prices. In addition, there is less money in your wallet due to short-time work or even job loss.

The rent payment hurts twice. BILD would like to know from you: How do you make ends meet? What is particularly annoying? Is your landlord accommodating or do you feel ripped off?

What did you experience?

Send us your tenant annoyance by video …

▶︎ per WhatsApp

▶ ︎ or as an email to [email protected]

Important: Be sure to send us your full contact details. BILD needs your name, telephone number, email address and address!

You can find information on data protection here.

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