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Everyone helps, everyone lends a hand – the heroes of the flood of death

They stand by each other in the most difficult times! And show what solidarity really means.

Thousands of people lost in the Flood disaster their whole existence: destroyed villages, washed over houses, missing relatives. Hope is made by people who partly suppress their own suffering in order to help their neighbors.

And: Volunteers travel from all over the republic, people send donations to the affected regions. Church congregations collect, hardware stores provide material. They all ease the pain and give hope.

BILD am Sonntag shows the heroes of the flood disaster.

“My neighbors have lost everything. I recorded it “

In the greatest need, this woman showed a big heart!

Christine Lech (46) from Bad-Neuenahr (Ahrweiler district) was shocked when the sirens wailed and the water slowly climbed the stairs of her apartment building. But she was lucky: Her apartment is higher than that of the Heinrich and Pless families on the ground floor. They lost everything!

At BILD LIVE, viewers could see how Christine Lech took in her neighbors without further ado.

She says: “We made sure that everyone stayed alive here. Everything broke down for the two families below. They have lived here for 49 years. “

And so she gave the Heinrich family their guest room, the Pess family spent the night in their bedroom. She and her daughter sleep in the living room.

Lech: “We have always helped each other.”

“It is clear that I am helping!”

In Dernau, right on the banks of the Ahr, Markus Ittenbach (46) clears the mud from the streets with his wheel loader, pushing broken lanterns and chunks of asphalt aside.

The machinist: “I don’t even live here. But when I heard that everything was blocked here, I came with my wheel loader. In such a situation you have to help others, to stick together. It is clear that I am helping. “

“Everyone helps each other”

Natascha and Valentina from Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler (Rhineland-Palatinate): “Our basement apartment was full of water and mud up to the ceiling.

Fortunately, so many friends are helping us. We are really excited! One woman even made soup for us. Today we cleared out our furniture together. We’ll all clean up in front of the house together. Everyone helps each other. “

“People need something warm”

Maxime (39, project manager from Bonn) and Valentin (38) supplied a settlement in Dernau with pea soup.

Maxime: “We can’t actually cook at all. But we thought that the people here might be hungry and need something warm. So we got a stove, plates, 20 kilograms of pea soup and six kilograms of sausages. And we are happy that we can help a little. “

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