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“Every retiree knows that I have complied with them,” said Alberto Fernández in the Costa

In an act in Chapadmalal, President Alberto Fernandez announced this Sunday, January 3, that the first decree of 2021 is to enact the Retirement Mobility Law, on which occasion he defended this new system of increases and assured that “Every retiree knows that I have fulfilled them, that I have fulfilled what I said I was going to do.”

“I ended the year 2020 with the peace of mind that I have kept my word. When I said that retirees were not going to lose more against inflation, I have kept it. The same as when I said that retirees were not going to pay more for medicines than they needed to take care of their health “, remarked the President, in a scenario he shared with the Governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, and the executive director of Anses, Fernanda Raverta. In front of them, rows of chairs had been placed, in which were the invited officials.

“After each one writes what they wantThis is empirically so and every retiree knows it and every retiree knows that I am not lying, “said Fernández, noting that with the new retirement mobility law “We are giving you predictability of your income.”

“The State is there to order. The market does not order, it messes up. If we leave everything in the hands of the market, what happens is that the law of the strongest rules, “repeated Fernández in another section of his speech, highlighting the monetary policy instruments that his administration established during the pandemic to alleviate the situation of workers, businessmen and passive sectors.

“For our Government, the most important thing is to redistribute income more equitably, without attacking anyone, for the good of all”, said the President, “And it fills me with pride that Anses employees and officials are working to recover what could not be done due to the pandemic.”

“The construction of this country depends exclusively on us”, Fernández indicated, highlighting that “since it is our turn to govern, we are going to begin to change the country.”

“We put back a better formula for retirees”stated the President, stating that “the formula we are proposing made retirees’ income grow 20%” of older adults.

“The retirement formula (from the government of Mauricio Macri) it served at the time to get money from retirees and then nobody could comply. We do not believe that any retiree is very well with the income they have. We believe that we have to improve those income “, Fernández stressed during the Anses ceremony.

Alberto Fernández, in the act of Anses in General Pueyrredón.

In another section of his sunny visit to Mar del Plata, Alberto Fernández once again insisted on the need to “call everyone to reflect, so that we keep in mind that the pandemic is not over”,

“There is a relaxation, we all relax, but in Mar del Plata cases grow in a more than worrying way, one forgets that there is a pandemic,” said the President, highlighting that “those who are most neglected are young people. That is why I want to call everyone to reflection: that we all bear in mind that the pandemic is not over. “


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