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Euskirchen fire brigade tweeted photo evidence – the dam of the Steinbachtalsperre is NOT broken

Euskirchen (North Rhine-Westphalia) – For days there has been concern that the dam of the Steinbachtalsperre will break and the flood disaster for the region could get worse. And for days there have been rumors that the dam had actually broken as a result of the flood. But now the all-clear! The Euskirchen fire brigade proved that last night.

For this purpose only, the fire brigade flew over the dam in a helicopter of the federal police at night and then denied the rumor on Twitter with a photo: “No cracks found! The intact dam can be clearly seen on the picture from 01:30. ”

“It will continue to pump and drain water,” said a spokesman for the fire brigade in Düsseldorf. A final expert assessment on Monday morning should show whether the water level is already beyond the critical mark.

Water is continuously drained from the dam to relieve pressure from the dam. Only when the dam is two-thirds empty, there is no longer an acute risk of dam rupture, the Cologne district government announced.

The places Swisttal and Rheinbach below the Steinbachtalsperre on the border with Rhineland-Palatinate have been evacuated.

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