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Europa League: Man. United and Villarreal hit first; Ajax and Arsenal let go of the result

Here is the best summary of the first leg matches of the Europa League quarterfinals

The scorers Marcus Rashford and Gerard Moreno consolidated the position of favorites to the Europa League Manchester United and Villarreal, winners of their quarter-final first leg matches in Granada (0-2) and Zagreb (0-1), respectively, while Roma beat Ajax (1-2), to which he traced by Pau López.

The other match had no winner. Neither Arsenal nor the Slavia Prague, tied at one in their confrontation in London, destined to resolve which of the two will be in the penultimate step of the tournament in the territory of the Czech champion in a definitive match within a week, when everything will be completed with the second leg matches.

The moment of Gerard Moreno is awesome. In LaLiga and in the Europa League. There is no better proof than the numbers, as indisputable as those of the Spanish international striker are, because he has participated in 20 goals in the last 13 matches of his team between the two competitions: 14 he scored and six he gave.

His was the play of the penalty that originated the 0-1 in Zagreb, a center from the left wing that hit Teophile’s outstretched arm, and his was the transformation of the maximum penalty, with the right, deceiving the opposing goalkeeper, who threw himself to the other side, unable to stop the definition of a major scorer.

The 0-1, achieved on the edge of the intermediate, has a formidable value for the Villarreal, pending to make it as good as it seems on the lap in La Cerámica, just as the most favorite of all should do it, by template, history, appearance and score: the Manchester United, effective and winner by 0-2 in Granada.

The continental course of Marcus Rashford. It is true that United was not enough to stay in the Champions League, but their goals shine in Europe: eight goals in ten duels between the competition in which the course began and in which it is now, which awakens the ambition of a group that searches find success again.

In it is the English team, winning by 0-2 against the Granada, which arose without fear in a tie and with a rival of such dimension, but whose concession in the 30th minute was fatal, no matter how much merit the long ball of Victor Lindelof from its territory and the control and definition of Rashford, who needed three touches to appear in the semifinals, pending Old Trafford.

In the 65th minute he was changed by Edinson Cavani and the Granada he looked for the tie, but received more punishment: the 0-2 in a penalty from Yan Eteki transformed by Bruno Fernandes. Rui Silva was about to stop him. Both teams regret penalty losses for the second round. United lose Harry Maguire, Scott McTominay and Luke Shaw; the Granada, to Domingos Duarte and Yan Eteki.


In London, Alexandre Lacazette, on the other hand, did not have as much offensive punch. His failure against the rival goal when he had the victory in the second half concentrated the lament of the Arsenal in front of Slavia Prague, first relieved by the appearance of Nicholas Pepe to the rescue with 1-0 in the 87th minute, but later disappointed because the clash ended with Holes’ 1-1 header in the 94th minute.

And Lacazette He had 30 meters to drive, tackle the most complex of football -the definition- and provoke the individual duel with the goalkeeper, resolved with a shot with effect to the squad, perhaps too tight in such a favorable situation, because he crashed him on the crosshead , Pepe was in a hurry in the fight with the defender when he hit the ball before the rival goalkeeper left.

It was 1-0. 87th minute. Not even that was enough for the Arsenal, because Holes, timely, in the second post, in a corner, after a rebound in the heart of the area, he never lost faith in a draw that proposes the Czech champion at least with the same options -or more- than his rival for the return leg in a week on your land.


In Amsterdam, while, in addition to the volley of Ibanez in the final moments that completed the comeback of the Roma With 1-2, the difference was made by two goalkeepers at two key moments, a few minutes apart, when the Italian block was most committed, with 1-0 against and facing the precipice of 2-0.

Ahead on the scoreboard with 1-0 from Davy Klaasen at minute 40, the Ajax went from the occasion of 2-0, with a penalty badly taken by a notable Dusan Tadic in everything else and repelled by Pau Lopez, at 1-1, when his young goalkeeper, Kjell Scherpen, made a resounding error in a foul of Pilgrims.

It was not too disturbing a pitch, with the inside of the right foot, to his stick, to his hands really, on a stretched chest of drawers, but he escaped from them to finish inside the goal and put his team on the ropes in the play off. Nothing could do, already in 87, before the whiplash of Ibanez. The 1-2 for the Roma, which points to the semifinals. The return is at your home.

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