EU has done its part: military brings Brexit trade deal to London

EU has done its part
Military brings Brexit trade deal to London

In the evening, the trade agreement between the EU and Great Britain should be finalized. After the EU has agreed and signed, it is the British Parliament’s turn. Finally the Queen has to give her blessing.

With EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and EU Council President Charles Michel, the leaders of the international community have signed the trade pact with Great Britain. The 1250-page document is then flown from Brussels to London on a plane belonging to the British Air Force (RAF). Prime Minister Johnson is supposed to sign the contract there. During the course of the day, the British Parliament is still debating the deal. This should come into force on January 1st.

After months of negotiations, things have to happen quickly. It wasn’t until Christmas Eve that both sides could come to an agreement. After the national governments and now the EU Commission, the British Parliament votes. Both chambers should approve the agreement within a few hours. The end of the voting is expected around 3:30 p.m. Johnson’s Conservative Party has a clear majority. He doesn’t have to expect headwinds from within his own ranks. Late in the evening, Queen Elizabeth II, as head of state, is supposed to put the Brexit law into force with her signature.

The laboriously negotiated trade and partnership agreement is intended to regulate economic relations between the island and the continent from January 2021. The most important point is to avoid tariffs and ensure the smoothest possible trade. The contract also includes fishing and cooperation on energy, transport, justice, police and many other topics. Great Britain had already left the EU at the end of January 2020, and membership in the EU internal market and in the customs union is now ending.

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