Error in allocation of anti-Covid vaccines in Edomex hospital uncovered; they put staff that was not on the list

Toluca, Mex.- A error in the system confirmation of appointments of medical personnel, to receive the vaccine against Covid-19, forced to convene extra people whose registration was manual, informed authorities of the Secretary of Health of the State of Mexico after the president’s morning conference Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported himself that relatives of the director of the Medical Center “Lic. Adolfo López Mateos ”, Dr. José Rogel Romero, received the immunization on December 24.

Vaccination against Covid-19 It was carried out at the facilities of the 22 Military Zone located in the municipality of Santa María Rayón, where personnel from the Secretariat of National Defense carried out the logistics to apply said biological to the health personnel of the first line of care, they pointed out Mexican authorities.

That December 24, Sedena authorities “established a control in each of the 10 vaccination posts, prior to sending a form to the 10 most effective Covid-19 hospitals and each director was entrusted to designate the personnel of his medical unit that would receive the biological, who would later be sent a QR code to confirm your registry”.

“However, there was an error on the part of the hired company by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), which designed the communication system that would allow to confirm the assistance of the beneficiaries, which caused lack of control and that the health personnel did not attend in their entirety at the assigned time “, indicated authorities of the Ministry of Health.

Faced with this error, “staff of the SEDENA e NAME determined to continue with the vaccination, since the biological was already prepared, so it was decided to summon health workers from other hospitals that were not considered in this first stage, both from the Toluca Valley and the Valley of Mexico.

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Authorities of the Ministry of Health of Mexico pointed out that “due to the failure of the system, the registry of vaccinated people was done manually and to effectively use the biological one, which has six hours for its application, after 2:00 p.m. it was decided , together, immunize to the emergent personnel that was present and belonged to all the health institutions ”.

“In the specific case of Dr. Rogel Romero, it is reported that it was contemplated, because the Medical Center is one of the most active hospital units in caring for patients infected with the new coronavirus and has been infected twice, “they indicated.

“Regarding the presumed vaccination of their relatives, it is unknown if they received the immunization due to the setback explained above,” said Mexican authorities.

They reported that of 975 doses that were delivered to Mexico state “They were successfully applied to personnel from ISEM, IMSS, ISSSTE, PEMEX, SEDENA and SEMAR and the official list of those who received the biological was in charge of the company hired by the IMSS, which refused to share the data and He promised to send it later, but it has not yet been received ”.

This was the complaint in the morning:

PRESIDENT ANDRÉS MANUEL LÓPEZ OBRADOR: One more. The partner, because we have special guests and we don’t want to bore them.

QUESTION: Thank you President. Good Morning.

Just what I was talking about a while ago about asking the population for support so that there is no influence in the distribution of vaccines.

We have a complaint that we have not verified, I warn you, but that they sent us to the Rayón Military Hospital, in the State of Mexico, where they told us that the vaccine was applied to the director of the ‘López Mateos’ Hospital and his entire family .

So, what I wanted to ask you, I wanted to ask you, is if there is a system or how are you doing a surveillance system so that this type of thing does not happen? That, for one thing.

And then, on the other hand, yesterday there was a hashtag in Mexico and in other countries that said: ‘I don’t get vaccinated.’

So, I wanted to ask you, taking advantage of the fact that Dr. Alcocer or one of the directors of the Health sector are here, what implications could this idea of ​​not being vaccinated become massive? And what risks could there be real about the vaccine? a lot of people think it’s like a Russian roulette wheel or something like that.

PRESIDENT ANDRÉS MANUEL LÓPEZ OBRADOR: Well, first of all, we are insisting a lot on honesty. And what you have just denounced will surely be investigated to see if it is true; if so, action will be taken, action will be taken.


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