EPP boss Weber attacks: “Orban wants to destroy Europe Helmut Kohls”

EPP boss Weber attacked
“Orban wants to destroy Europe Helmut Kohls”

Viktor Orban feels that he has been treated unfairly by the head of the European People’s Party in the EU Parliament, Manfred Weber. The Hungarian Prime Minister complained recently in an interview. Weber responds with clear words.

The chairman of the conservative European People’s Party in the EU Parliament, Manfred Weber, attacks the nationalist politics of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban head-on. The dismantling of the rule of law, nationalism or division are not useful tools to master the challenges the EU is facing, writes the CSU politician in a guest post for the “Welt am Sonntag”. “The immense economic, social and societal upheavals cannot be mastered with a national-populist political approach or a culture war, as demanded by Hungary’s Prime Minister Orban.”

The contribution is in response to an interview with Orban that the paper published on December 20. “Does he think we are second class Europeans?” Asked the Prime Minister. With a view to the Hungarian prime minister, Weber now writes: “Some heads of government today discredit EU decisions for the sake of quick applause, even though they often agreed to them themselves. Anyone who equates the European Union with the authoritarian regime of the Soviet communists wants to destroy Europe, which was built up by Helmut Kohl’s generation of politicians. “

Incidentally, the EU is not a “milking cow for grants”, but a community of fate and values, wrote Weber. “When it comes to values, it is first and foremost about the dignity of the individual, regardless of whether you are in Europe’s vibrant regions or in the refugee camp on Lesbos, regardless of whether you are Christian, Jewish or Muslim.” In conclusion, Weber writes: “Whether Orba’s exclusionary policy approach can be a companion here is more than questionable today. A decision about it is necessary for the EPP – the sooner the better.”

In the middle of the month the Hungarian Fidesz and EPP politician Tamas Deutsch Weber moved into the vicinity of the Gestapo of the Nazi regime. However, after hours of debate, the EPP Group voted in favor of only sanctioning German and not excluding it. Orban, who is also Fidesz boss, might have ended his currently dormant membership in the EPP party after being expelled.

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