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‘Epa Colombia’ business continues to expand and announced a new product

“Epa Colombia”, despite the obstacles, does not give up. And he’s doing very well. ‘Epa Colombia’ business continues to expand and announced a new product

A few weeks ago in his Instagram stories, he boasted a van that was delivered to him, with up-to-date documents, as well as the certificates that make his company legal.

Now she announced that she will sell keratins for girls, according to Daneidy Barrera, she is the first businesswoman in Colombia to have this type of products for children.

In his networks he said that this product will straighten the hair of girls with only three passes of the iron.

According to ‘Epa Colombia’ the product will be launched next month and you already have the Invima registration.

‘Epa Colombia’ business continues to expand and announced a new product

“Friend, never stop dreaming, never stop fighting. There are great opportunities for your life. They told me vicious, that I was not going to achieve it, that I had no study, and see, “she said, with great pride.

Daneidy has been so successful, he was thinking about charitable actions.

This, to share the profits that your company has left you.

On the other hand, she urged employers to hire inexperienced people.

This would generate more employment in the country, he said.

“Companies in Colombia should give the opportunity to people who have no experience. All my workers have no experience and I wanted to give them the opportunity to get ahead. Give them the opportunity, entrepreneurs, to accept people with studies, without studies, “he said.

Let’s remember that …

Daneidy Barrera wants to show that she has changed and that she is an entrepreneurial woman.

This is what she has done with her keratin company, which has her in trouble with Invima.

And it is that the influencer was prohibited from using her social networks, which is why she focused on her entrepreneurship.

It seems that financially he was also very well, as he bought a car, an apartment and even a truck.

However, a few months ago you have been having trouble with Invima registering your product.

Now, amid tears, the businesswoman explained the situation and it became a trend.

So now to show that his product is effective and complies with the rules, he proved it.

Let completely smooth the hair of an afro woman.

The procedure was published by Epa Colombia through its Instagram account.

There he showed from beginning to end what the application of keratin is like and the final result.

Daneidy stated that:

“It can handle all types of hair and it has no competition.”

The publication generated admiration by his followers

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