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Engie to abandon coal-based electricity production in Chile by 2025

The French group Engie announced on Wednesday that it plans to end the production of electricity from coal in Chile by 2025, with closures or reconversions, and increased its objectives in the renewable energy sector.

The energy group said in a statement that it is “committed” to “shutting down six coal-fired units (with a power of 0.8 gigawatts, GW) and converting the three most recent units (at 0.7 GW) to gas or electricity. biomass between now and 2025 “.

In February, Engie announced that a deadline had been set to abandon highly polluting coal in Europe by 2025 and in the world by 2027.

Back then, Engie had 4 GW of coal energy assets left. In addition to Chile, Engie has coal plants in Brazil, Morocco and Portugal.

Likewise, the company announced on Wednesday the development of a 2GW renewable energy portfolio in Chile, that is, 1 GW more since the last announcement was made, in 2019.

This “complete transformation plan” of the group’s activities in Chile involves an investment of 1,500 million euros until 2025.

The group expects that, by 2026, CO2 emissions from its energy production activities in that country will have been reduced by 80%.


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