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Engagement rings for men, the future of jewelry

When we talk about engagement ringsIt is common to imagine fine gems supported by a delicate ring that shines to the beat of the same main diamond. This jewel is commonly associated with female hands, however, Tiffany & Co. has decided to turn this stereotype around by launching its first line of engagement pieces for men.

The story dates back to 1886, when Charles Tifanny created what would become an engagement ring milestone, a standard jewel set with a six-prong solitaire diamond set on a single hoop, a design that he named Tiffany Setting. Now, the jewelery firm took a step forward into the future of jewelery and added the name ‘Charles’ to its new dedicated collection for men that they will say ‘yes, I accept’.

The new engagement rings for men

Thus, the collection consists of six different rings with round and square diamonds emerald cut (weighing up to 4.3 carats) mounted on robust platinum or titanium hoops. Although it is specified that this line is dedicated to the male public, the truth is that the twist is in subtracting the idea of ​​gender from diamonds, gems that are commonly associated with the exclusive use of women.

The New York-based firm has long been committed to diversity. Not only does it have a wide offer for those who like to wear jewelry, it has also launched campaigns with different stories about how love is declared. One of them told the story of a gay couple (wearing the brand’s couple rings), during the past month of LGBT + Pride.

Whether a woman wants to turn around that ancient tradition of matching an engagement ring with a male watch, or it is a proposal within same-sex couples, this collection is just one more sample of what The jewelry is one of the most experimental fields when it comes to eliminating gender, especially in a piece as symbolic as a engagement ring.

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