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Emotion and relief at the start of vaccination in Córdoba – Siempre Juntos

At 9 a.m. the vaccination campaign for Covid-19 began at the Juan B. Bustos Convention Center in the city of Córdoba.

They received the Sputnik V vaccine in the first instance: Ana Crinejo (Infectious Physician) of the Rawson Hospital, Juan Pablo Caeiro (Infectious Physician) of the Private Hospital, Patricia Anabel Benegas (Nurse) of the Allende Sanatorium, Sergio Molina (Cleaning Service) of the San Hospital Roque and Gonzalo Manuel Castro (Microbiologist) Central Laboratory.

Also Fabian Muraro (Graduate in Bioimagenes) from Hospital San Roque, Nahuel Vicente (Camillero) from Hospital Rawson, Paulo Daniel Pastor (Kinesiologist) from Hospital Florencio Díaz, Eleonora Cena (Pharmacist) from Hospital Privado and María Andrea del Carmen Lucca (Biochemistry) Foundation for the Progress of Medicine.

Regarding the start of the vaccination campaign, Caeiro stated: “It is a great emotion to know that I was part of this stage; it was an honor to participate in this vaccination campaign ”.

Meanwhile Gonzalo Castro, a reference from the Central Laboratory, said: “It is very emotional to participate in this campaign; I have a very hopeful feeling, since the end of all this that we are experiencing in relation to the coronavirus is beginning to be seen ”.

In relation to the logistics and organization of the campaign, he highlighted: “It can be seen that all the personnel were trained and that the corresponding preliminary tests were carried out to see the circuit of the operation of this Center.”

The beginning of the campaign was attended by the Minister of Health, Diego Cardozo, as well as officials from different areas of the health portfolio.

The head of Health, stated: “The intention was that the first vaccinated people are those who were in the first line of care for people with Covid; they are references that make up healthcare teams ”.

“We have to trust the vaccine, the first dose generates 80 percent immunity and the second dose strengthens it; It is a safe vaccine, we must prepare in case a second wave comes, having the largest number of people vaccinated, ”the minister concluded.

It is worth noting that there are already 1,800 people registered to be vaccinated; and it is planned to vaccinate about 2,800 members of health teams per day.

At 6.15 am, the truck carrying the 10,500 Russian vaccines arrived at the Ocasa distribution center.

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The placement of the doses will continue throughout the day, until 20, with the health personnel affected to intensive care areas and will continue in the following days.

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Today also begins vaccination in hospitals in the interior of the province.

According to Cardozo, they plan to carry out about 700 vaccinations per day.

He indicated that on January 4 the rest of the doses will arrive until the 21,900 agreed upon.

And he explained that the vaccination includes 5 people “because the vaccine, since it is opened, has a durability of half an hour.”

The role of the Armed Forces in the vaccination operation in Córdoba

General Jorge Berredo is Joint Commander of the Córdoba Emergency Zone, in support of the local COE, and told Chain 3 how was the coordination at the national level of vaccination logistics.

“We feel enormous excitement and hope for the first doses of the vaccine, which will go about 7,000 doses to the Convention Center in the capital and about 4,000 to the interior,” he said.

“On December 23, we presented the coordination plan to Minister Cardozo after a 10-month study related to crisis management. We have been able to collaborate to reach today in record time with a ready and accurate plan ”, he confirmed.

And he explained that the military personnel are within the priority population to be vaccinated but that there are “priorities within the priorities”, which in this case is the health team, “he said.

Also in the provincial interior

To Hospital Domingo Funes, from Santa Maria de Punilla, 200 doses arrived. In this regard, the nurse Érica Foriño told Chain 3: “We are with great expectations. We had a very tough year ”.

“The vaccine is a relief to work in peace. Although we have all the protection elements, we work under a lot of pressure. Now, more relaxed, “he said.

“It is quite complicated I think. Nobody cares. They do not wear a chinstrap and there is no distancing. That hurts us. People do not give it the importance of this disease “, he completed.

In San Francisco, The first to be vaccinated was the head of the Iturraspe Hospital Guard, Daniela Fernández: “We have a very great expectation. All the people exposed on call and therapy will receive the vaccine, to continue serving the population. “

“We are going to have to continue with prevention measures, such as the use of masks. We must continue with this to put an end to this disease that has so badly punished the population “, he considered in dialogue with Chain 3.

“It is a safe vaccine. You have to start putting it on ”, he concluded.

In Villa Dolores, the arrival of the first doses was expected for noon.

Meanwhile, in Fourth quarter 600 vaccines arrived for health personnel in the public sphere.

Valeria Alaniz, deputy director of the New Hospital San Antonio de Padua, told Chain 3 That in total there are 1088 doses, 600 arrived now and the rest next week.

“We estimate that we will finish in the afternoon. Two vaccination cells were enabled within the hospital and are applied at a rate of 80 per hour, ”he said.

For his part, Pablo Valle deputy director of the Pasteur Hospital of Villa María told Chain 3: “The 300 doses have arrived and the vaccination has already begun.”

“The plan is today the Pasteur, tomorrow the Villa María-Villa Nueva corridor and on Monday the private clinics,” he explained.

“We are waiting for the second batch for the risk group,” he added.

In turn, at the Vicente Agüero Hospital in Jesus Maria, 200 doses arrived. The therapy nurse, Cristian Gatti, told Chain 3: “The outlook is bleak for 2021.”

“Hopefully it is milder for us, in the sense that people become aware, lose their fear and get vaccinated with any vaccine and comply with the rules not to get infected,” he concluded.

Report by Juan Pablo Viola, Miguel Clariá, Tomás Villagra, Osvaldo Soria, Roberto Fontanari, Víctor Rapetti, Fernando Rasso and Eric Italia.

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