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Emelec reaches Barcelona in the lead and Independiente is one point away

Guayaquil (Ecuador), Apr 1 (EFE) .- Emelec won this Thursday by 2-3 at bottom Olmedo and reached Barcelona in first place, with 13 points each, and Independiente del Valle also won and remained one point of the leaders in the dispute of the sixth date of the first phase in Ecuador.

Without being a spectacular team, it was enough for Emelec to be effective in the opposite goal and to defend himself with order, in the face of the disorder with which Olmedo attacked.

However, former Emelec striker Jaime Ayoví scored Olmedo’s first goal this season, at minute 20, after a precise pass from another former Melec player, midfielder Brian Rodríguez.

Argentine defender Aníbal Leguizamón took advantage of a local confusion near his goal and with a shot to the right of goalkeeper Gabriel Cevallos scored the equalizer (m.26).

The match turned back and forth, forcing the defenders to go to extremes to avoid more goals, until Emelec’s scorer, the Uruguayan Facundo Barceló, took advantage of a rebound on the edge of the opposite area and with a shot to the side of the goalkeeper, scored the goal of the transitory triumph (m.50).

To further complicate his critical football situation, Olmedo was left with one less, due to the expulsion of defender Jerry León (m.62).

Emelec’s third goal was from the debutant defender, the naturalized Argentinean Ecuadorian Luca Sosa, who took advantage of a rebound from goalkeeper Cevallos (m.85).

Midfielder Danner García converted Olmedo’s second goal (m.93) into a good offensive fabric for the premises, which left him alone on the left side to finish at pleasure.

For his part, Macará stopped the Catholic team’s desire to win and drew a draw at the resumption of the tournament, after the suspension he experienced to give way to a micro-cycle of the national team, which closed last Monday with a 2-1 victory over Bolivia, in Ecuador.

The former Macará striker, the Argentine-Ecuadorian Juan Manuel Tévez, advanced to Católica, after a play that began in the middle of the field, and with three passes, Tévez was left in front of the goalkeeper, mocked him with a hat and scored with a violent shot, at minute 15.

Everything was projected for a new victory for the Catholic team in its reappearance in the local tournament, after the recent elimination in the previous phase two of the Copa Libertadores.

Macará found ways to get out of the local pressure, and managed to break its defensive system, based on plays based on the counterattack commanded by the Ecuadorian attackers Arón Rodríguez and the author of the tie, John Santacruz, at minute 60.

After today’s draw, both teams accumulated 9 points.

After the five games that have been played between Wednesday and today, Thursday, Barcelona with one game less, is still the leader together with Emelec, with 13 points each, followed by Independiente del Valle, with 12 units and Liga de Quito, which he will play on Sunday at home against Mushuc Runa, with 9 units.

The sixth date will continue next Saturday with the matches: Barcelona-Independiente del Valle; Quito League-Mushuc Runa and Delfín-Deportivo Cuenca.

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