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Elon Musk’s trick to quickly become an expert on any subject

Elon Musk’s popularity has grown in recent years at the same rate as his million-dollar fortune. This South African-born businessman succeeds by basing his companies on the innovation. Thanks mainly to Tesla (electric car company) and SpaceX (aerospace company), it has an estimated fortune of 153,000 million euros.

Musk’s recipe for success and his formula for becoming an expert in any field have a common denominator: reading books. Musk is not an aerospace engineer. In fact, his training is that of a Degree in Economics and Physics, which finally launched into the construction of rockets and spacecraft.

After co-founding the company that would later become Paypal and later bought by eBay for $ 1.5 billion, Musk decided to become an expert in the field of space rockets. First of all, as he explained in an interview on ‘Esquire’, he tried to buy rockets from the Russians, but the price was exorbitant.

It was then that he told his friend and aerospace consultant Jim Cantrell that they would build the rockets themselves. “That’s why he borrowed all my books from me”Cantrell explained in statements in the same interview collected by ‘Inc Magazine’. Thanks to reading, in a short time Musk had become an expert.

The relationship between success and reading

Musk has always uncovered the power of reading in his successful career. “Books raised me. First books, then my parents.”, he explained in an interview in ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine. In fact, he recently unveiled the eight books that helped him succeed in life.

The importance of reading is also shared by Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, philanthropist and one of the richest men in the world. Gates reads an average of 50 books a year and chooses them to become an expert on topics that he then intervenes on through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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