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Elon Musk’s Las Vegas Project Are Teslas Driven Slowly By Humans In A Tunnel

Gif: Review Journal/Twitter

The local Las Vegas press was invited to an exclusive preview of Elon Musk’s new form of “public transportation” this Thursday. But how futuristic is the technology that The Boring Company has called the “Loop”? That depends on how futuristic you think a car driven slowly by a human inside a tunnel can be.

The Las Vegas Loop of $ 52 million, a tunnel that is 12 meters underground, is approximately 2.4 kilometers long and has three stops around the Las Vegas Convention Center: the Central Station, which is underground, as well as the West Station and the South Station, both on land.

Mick Akers, a Review Journal reporter, tweeted a handful of videos showing The Boring Company’s transportation system in Las Vegas in action. And it seems quite disappointing, to say the least.

The videos show a Tesla car operated by a human driver at a top speed of just 35 miles per hour, according to the Review Journal. And while yesterday’s media show was supposed to be a special event exclusively for the Las Vegas press, reporters didn’t get much new information.

“We have been able to see a lot on this tour. Hell, I’m in a Tesla right now going through the tunnel, “said reporter James Schaeffer, trying to sound like the tour was worth it.

“But there are some details that we are not so sure about … that we are still finding out more about, such as the times of loading and holding procedures, and about the 16 passenger vehicles that will pass through these tunnels,” added Schaeffer. . “Until then, we will continue the journey like everyone else.”

What happened to those 16-person vehicles ? When Musk first announced the Loop, it really did look like an exciting new transportation system. Musk promised that each vehicle could fit more than a dozen people inside and that everything was autonomous.

But it no longer seems that great nothing is automatic. You even have to tell your human driver where you want to go. The Boring Company uploaded a video to Vimeo with instructions for Las Vegas Loop with those precise instructions.

Gif: The Boring Company / Vimeo

The big claim is that a 15-minute walk from one side of the convention center to the other is reduced to “just a couple of minutes,” according to Las Vegas Review Journal. But, once again, questions about loading times are still up in the air.

“At full capacity, The Boring Company Convention Center Loop can transport 4,400 people per hour with its fleet of 62 vehicles.” tweeted Akers, apparently contradicting his colleague, who reported that it was still unclear. Gizmodo couldn’t confirm anything else, given that Musk is notoriously hostile to journalists and even shut down Tesla’s public relations department at the end of the month. last year.

We still have quite a few questions that are not easy to answer by watching The Boring Company’s colorful videos. And hopefully those questions will be answered when the Loop opens, probably sometime in the next few months.

At the end of the day, what did reporters see on Thursday? Colored lights. Many Colored lights, apparently. And not much else. We’re not saying Las Vegas lost $ 50 million in a stupid tunnel, but we’re not no saying it either.

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