Elon Musk wants to create a city of his own: that’s how it would be

Boca Chica Village It was, once, an isolated community, a tourist area in the middle of the state of Texas that attracted retirees or, also, lovers of outdoor activities such as cycling. However, time has passed from those images and, now, in this municipality of the state of Texas, cars crowd on their only road looking for a photo of the spaceship being built in the area.

And it is that in this community they find the spacecraft facilities of Space X, Elon Musk’s company. The magnate has also tweeted that his intention is to create a city of his own that encompasses Boca Chica Village and its surroundings. Your name will be Starbase and the CEO of Tesla has already encouraged his followers to move to the area: “Please consider moving to Starbase or the Brownsville / South Padre area of ​​Texas and encourage your friends to do so! “Musk tweeted this week.

“SpaceX’s recruiting needs for engineers, technicians, builders and essential support personnel of all stripes are growing rapidly,” He added to the offer to move to what he wants to turn into his new city. In fact, the area has only half a dozen residents who are even asked to evacuate their homes temporarily for safety during test launches at the space base.

Silicon Valley, the great example

This creation would bring several benefits to Musk’s company, Space X, as it could attract new workers to your business, as well as fostering a political climate favorable to a company that is destined to be a noisy neighbor. Even create new services around your facilities, including, better mobile phone service – which is very low – and drinking water – it is transported there by a truck once a month.

But Musk is not the first mogul to try to create a city around his company. In fact, the best example of this is Silicon Valley. The largest technology campus in the world, with the largest companies -like Google- and with many services at the hand of its employees: laundry, free food and buses with Wi-Fi. A place that allows workers to disconnect from their jobs without even having to leave the campus bubble.

In addition, another of the great advantages are the newly created societies, small venues that test new policies and forms of government. You can introduce new regulatory changes that can accelerate technological progress, but none have passed the planning phase in the United States.

Starbase, awaiting documentation

As it points Los Angeles Times, Musk’s plans are still unclear. The truth is that Space X has not given an answer and the only thing that is known by the magnate are some comments through the social network Twitter. This week he said that I expected Starbase to grow to “several thousand people” in the next year or two, and that he plans to donate $ 20 million to Cameron County schools and $ 10 million to nearby Brownsville for the “revitalization of downtown.”

The planning of this new city would be in the first phases of the project, But neither the Cameron County legal department nor Elon Musk would have presented the necessary documentation to carry out the project that the tycoon has in mind. This documentation would be necessary to start the process, but it is not the only thing: the law of the state of Texas requires a potential municipality to have at least 201 inhabitants to be real, in addition to a nucleus through which the new city can be developed, with sufficient capacity to receive municipal services on a regular basis.

“The law is very simple”, said Alan Bojorquez, a municipal attorney, who is not affiliated with Boca Chica Village or the SpaceX plans. “The difficult part of the onboarding process is really the public relations and the politics of convincing people who live in the country to become a city.” The success of a city would come from the “strong support of the neighbors to oppose something or achieve something that they cannot do for themselves,” he said.

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