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Elon Musk showed his tunnels to drive underground and nobody was convinced

When Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk first shared his idea it sounded truly incredible – the dream of every driver who hates traffic jams. And that is what “The Boring Company”, one of his other companies, in Las Vegas, dedicated these years to. They made a “high speed” system to avoid congestion. But now that they made it known, It doesn’t look futuristic at all, but totally slow.

The idea of ​​the project was to start with a short section to reach the well-known Las Vegas Convention Center, where huge events such as CES, the world’s largest consumer technology fair, are held. Sadly, this doesn’t look good at all for now.

The Boring Company invited local media this week to view the Las Vegas circuit to see the progress of the project.

According to tweets from Mick Akers, a local Review Journal reporter. It is true that the tunnel remains the most impressive of the project, with both tunnels fully excavated last May.

But the rest of the process seems to come down to a trip in a very slow car. Based on the reaction to the local event, the media were able to jump into Tesla’s electric sedan, which moved through the tunnels at 56 km / h mph. This a long way from the promised speeds of 240 km / h they promised, and that would turn a 15 minute walk into a 2 minute trip.

Of course, the company told the media that the system “will transport 4,400 people per hour in its fleet of 62 vehicles “. Eventually, the system could be extended to the so-called “Strip” of Las Vegas.

"Las Vegas Strip": The Boring Company tunnels in Las Vegas.  Photo The Boring Company

“Las Vegas Strip”: The Boring Company tunnels in Las Vegas. Photo The Boring Company

Model 3 sedans will use “tracking wheels” to keep cars in the specific tunnel lane, making it not an autonomous vehicle as might be thought.

In fact, there will be drivers, according to the journalist’s information. “The wheels are more like roll-out rollers. Nothing is known about the promised 12-seater van that Musk said would carry more passengers. The Boring Company also did not share any new information about what the loading and unloading procedures. Musk released a representation of what a station will look like when everything is complete, ”local media explained.

The latest news was that the tunnels were supposed to open by CES 2021, but organizers said the tunnels would not open if the coronavirus pandemic canceled the tech event.

The Boring Company tunnels in Las Vegas, Elon Musk's company.  Photo The Boring Company

The Boring Company tunnels in Las Vegas, Elon Musk’s company. Photo The Boring Company

Model replicated in Miami

The Las Vegas project is well regarded in other parts of the United States.

The mayor of Miami (Florida, USA), Francis Suárez, announced in mid-February of this year a process to decide whether the city will commission an underground tunnel system to transport people in Tesla vehicles with the technology of The Boring Company.

Suárez had told a press conference about what a municipal delegation headed by him saw on a visit he made this Friday to Las Vegas to learn about the tunnel system that The Boring Company is building in the center of that city.

The mayor said that a similar project is viable in Miami and it can help alleviate the city’s traffic congestion and when talking about raising the necessary funds, he mentioned that The Boring Company would be willing to fund it with its own funds.

Miami is one of the most difficult cities in terms of traffic in the United States.  AFP photo

Miami is one of the most difficult cities in terms of traffic in the United States. AFP photo

As he explained, in principle it is intended to connect the north and south areas of the city, from the Brickell area to the center of the city and then further north, a journey of about eight miles (12.8 kilometers).

The goal is to transport people “in an efficient and cheap way” in autonomous Tesla vehicles that travel at high speed through tunnels 12 feet in diameter (3.6 meters) and stop only at the stations of the system.

Suárez indicated that he knows that a project like this can generate criticism and invited skeptics to travel to Las Vegas and find out what the infrastructure and excavation company created in 2016 by Musk is doing there.

According to him, the cost of tunnels with this technology is a link, for example, the city and the port.

As an estimate, he mentioned ten million dollars for every 1.6 kilometers.

It will be necessary to see if with this test the mayor continues thinking the same.

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