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Elon Musk partner says there is technology to create a real Jurassic park

Dinosaur lovers could find themselves surrounded by these animals in the future. Max Hodak, president and co-founder of the Neuralink company, whose main partner is Elon Musk, says that today there is technology advanced enough to create a Jurassic park in real life and bring dinosaurs back. “We could probably build a jurassic park if we wanted. They would not be genetically authentic dinosaurs, but maybe with fifteen years of breeding and engineering we would get new super exotic species”Hodak posted on his Twitter account.

Thus, the businessman was open to developing this ambitious project which, in his opinion, is very viable. He did not show details of what the creation of the theme park would be like, but proposed to create a “novel diversity”, instead of settling for the existing one: “Biodiversity is definitely valuable. Conservation is important and makes sense. But,why do we stop there and not try to create new diversity more intentionally?

Movies could reveal the danger of the idea

When knowing Hodak’s proposal, it is inevitable to think about the famous jurassic park movies, based on the science fiction novel written by American Michael Crichtonas well as modern Jurassic World. In fact, they could be the answer to what it would take to build this theme park.

The Futurism portal, specialized in science and technology, recognizes that “It is a good idea”, but warn that “Runs the risk of being extremely counterproductive”, as can be seen in the saga. In this sense, they argue that the ecosystem would suffer a major setback with the creation of new varieties of animals, since it would be similar to introducing a new invasive species in an ecosystem that is unfit for sustenance.

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