Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta: “Today we made history” | P …

This morning the Senate of the Nation approved the Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy Act sent by the Executive Power to the National Congress together with the Bill for Comprehensive Health Care during Pregnancy and Early Childhood. The initiative was sanctioned with 38 votes in favor, 29 against and 1 abstention. Very excited, from the Upper House, from where the session followed minute by minute, the Minister Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta He stated that “eThis is a great triumph for the women’s movement and the diversity that have been fighting for this law for decades, which was combined with the political decision of a government that came to expand rights. Today we have a fairer Argentina “.

“The conquest of this right is a historical fact. Today we have a present State, which is no longer indifferent to a problem of public health and social justice. A State that takes the lead, that responsibly assumes the historical demands of the women’s and LGBTI + movement and that does not act hypocritically but decides to accompany all people, whatever the decision they make and the life projects they have. This would not have been possible without the commitment and joint work of legislators from different political spaces. When it comes to expanding rights, consensus transcends party membership, “he said.

In turn, Gómez Alcorta indicated that a new stage is now beginning in which they will work, as they have done until now, together with the Legal and Technical Secretariat and the Ministry of Health in the regulation and implementation of the law in all the country. On the other hand, she stated that “we also know that our entire beloved region is watching us, and I have no doubt that all of Latin America is advancing alongside Argentine women.”

“We ended this very difficult year, with a pandemic that altered all the plans we had, not only Argentines, but also those around the world, fulfilling a campaign promise and expanding rights. This is the product of the collective struggle, of the work committed by the Executive Power and the Legislative Power that today show that they are up to the task ”.

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