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Elisa Carrió’s birthday, super Tuesday in Congress and the López Rega reform

Birthday with opponent throw

Who expected only a gypsy party, like others of yesteryear, received double. The dinner that Elisa Carrió convened on Saturday, under the pretext of her birthday, was a political pitch. The occasion was covered by the political design, which resulted from the pilgrimage to the district of Capilla del Señor. The format groups – after the announcement of the head of the Coalition that she will be (pre) candidate for governor of Buenos Aires in 2023 – the larretista sector of Juntos por el Cambio, in all its range. From now on the PRO premium, with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and the radicalism of Daniel Salvador, who in that district fights with the Gustavo Posse sector, chained to Larreta in CABA through Martín Lousteau.

Photos of Carrió's birthday at his home in Exaltación de la Cruz.  Larreta, Prat-Gay and Barletta, among the guests.

Photos of Carrió’s birthday at his home in Exaltación de la Cruz. Larreta, Prat-Gay and Barletta, among the guests.

This metropolitan concentration was complemented by more strident signs, such as the presence of Mario Negri, head of the inter-bloc and today the most important radical at the top of power. Negri made an effort to get to the meeting and sit next to Larreta, a few days after they starred in a federal zoom that exceeded 100,000 bounces. It seemed organized to show that amalgam that differs from the center-right sector of the opposition, which is syndicated in Mauricio Macri, Patricia Bullrich or Miguel Pichetto himself. They are differentiated by nuances and blushes, on how to arm oneself for the debate that will take place in March, prior to the closing of lists for the August PASO, which will take place in June. Chop first in a pre-election set serves to occupy spaces and show the product to the militancy.

Lilita’s first federal army

Larreta’s expertise is to organize scenarios, and his presence fulfills the purpose that he has stated in previous meetings: it is convenient for the opposition to anticipate his audience the names of their alliances and claims. It is the way of shielding against the carancheo of other forces. This explains why Diego Santilli accompanied him, who also shows his teeth as a proto-candidate from Buenos Aires, although without breaking bridges with this sector. There will be chronicles (and few photos, that was one of the conditions, unfulfilled by some smart phones) of this meeting, the brightest of the end of the year, which passed with market value (about 70 guests), at separate tables, in the open air, and through which leaders of radicalism successfully identified with the CC in the last elections passed.

Atilio Benedetti, María Lucila Lehman (she sang when the party was released, to the desserts), Mario Barletta, some returnees such as Adrián Pérez and Alfonso Prat-Gay, and the entire formal and informal flock of the Coalition, the heads of the legislative bloc such as Maxi Ferraro and friends who did not stay on the road, such as the former deputy chief of staff Mario Quintana. A lot of chinstrap, gel, distance and isolation. To avoid contagions such as those that could occur at a dinner for former students to which Macri was about to attend, but was already traveling. Pain in the PRO family.

Retirements still in catholes

Crouching before the plague, the deputies start early in the morning of this Monday the precompetitive movements for the Tuesday session. From 10 am they take a medical examination to enter the premises, in the building annexed to the Palace. The ruling party has not hindered the call, thereby transmitting the assurance that it has the votes to approve the new formula for updating pensions. The parties threw the rest in the discussion that took place in the plenary of the commissions. It was clear that he is on the edge, but no one goes to a session without votes. There was some doubt when the Peronist Jorge Sarghini spoke, from the dissident bloc identified with Roberto Lavagna, but who does not refer to him in these decisions. The economist criticized the formula tied to the collection and wages, but added that an economy that indexes is a sick economy, and that updating only for inflation is an excess. He dispelled doubts this Sunday when he confirmed that he will vote against, like five deputies from his bloc.

The deputy of the Frente de Todos Mirta Tundis.  There are doubts with your vote for the new retirement formula.

The deputy of the Frente de Todos Mirta Tundis. There are doubts with your vote for the new retirement formula.

The sleeplessness of the ruling party they are directed to have the quorum, obtain a simple majority when voting. Never much more than the 129 who have had rabid and highly divided votes. They fear some black swan that will leave the reform without content, such as the threat of Mirta Tundis to object to article 1 of the project, in disagreement with some factors of the mathematical formula, which only experts like her understand. The deputy is in the Christianity, approached from the massismo, and can get to vote against, in particular that article 1 °.

What if he drags the opposition and they bring down that article? The law will be inapplicable, and the Macri formula, which Congress approved that night of the stones, is in force again. The ruling party will harass the consciences of others in these previous hours, from two trenches, the bicameral Intelligence and Public Ministry. Luckily it’s the feast of the innocent saints.

Slippery castles

The Government is at stake in this session on Tuesday, which also tests the opposition in its capacity to deconstruct the majority of the ruling party. He has the radical flock in order, but there are leaks in the PRO. The formation pays for the decision to change the vice president of the chamber and exalt the Mendoza Omar De Marchi instead of the Buenos Aires Álvaro González. That one had the majority of the votes of the bloc, and is after a candidacy for governor of his province. González is the first larretista and so far fulfills the task of shepherding locals and strangers to build majorities. As soon as he left office in the preparatory session, he traveled to the United States and let someone else look for the votes to win the session for the retirements. Like it or not, its absence will be noticed and there will be an exam to De Marchi as a federal operator on those discrete tasks, which occur before the session. On the morning of this Monday the national table of Together for Change meets, and there will be some review of these roles. Álvaro assumes – to maintain those irreplaceable functions of negotiator – as political secretary of the PRO bloc and, in that capacity, will act at important tables.

How Massa, a careless, displaced radicals from key chairs

These changes were made because the PRO had made an internal agreement for a Buenos Aires man like González to be vice president of the chamber for one year, and a federal like De Marchi for the second year. A neat choreography, but whose consequences will be measured over time because they can be expensive. There is experience in Together for Change, from when it was called Let’s Change. The passion, tepid for some, to fulfill the agreement to that Davos partner who was Sergio MassaIt cost radicalism to lose two key positions in control organizations, which were withdrawn in the frenzy of cronyism between the PRO and Massa, without anyone measuring the effect over a long period of time.

The first was a chair in the General Auditor of the Nation. In April 2006, the Front for Victory, which had lost the elections, demanded recognition of places in the AGN; But the Cambiemos bloc appointed Jesús Rodríguez, on behalf of the UCR, and the Massista Gabriel Mihura Estrada – Massa’s trusted lawyer and representative of his party, the Frente Renovador-. There it remained, and today the AGN does not have a radical majority for that one night slip, which made them hand over the position to Massa.

Sergio Massa chairs the session for the decriminalization of abortion.  Radicals still regard him with suspicion for positions they lost in the past.

Sergio Massa chairs the session for the decriminalization of abortion. Radicals still regard him with suspicion for positions they lost in the past.

In November 2018 there was another coup by massismo. He added his strength to an agreement of all the Peronisms (Frente para la Victoria, Frente Renovador and Federal Peronismo) for Cambiemos to lose a chair in the Council of the Magistracy. This meant the entry of Graciela Camaño and the departure of Mario Negri. Radicalism remained outside the Council, and no one could ever convince that party that it was by a mere sum of votes. They believe that something must have done Olivos or Rogelio Frigerio, who negotiated agreements at various levels with the Peronist governors. Didn’t it occur to you to review what was happening in the Council? Frigerio said that he had found out from the newspapers when that Pan-Peronist agreement was already closed. Neither in the PRO, which Marcos Peña was driving for these little seams, said he was aware of that occurrence of Peronism. Today the UCR does not have its own vote in the Council.

Health: Cristina, lost in the tunnel of time

Cristina manages that the smoke covers risks that she runs with the other slippery session of the week, that of the decriminalization of abortion. He imposes needs that he never realized in his 12 years of government, such as a reform of the health system. Now you find out that it needs to be reformed? When he was president he displaced Ginés, today Alberto’s minister, who in the 1970s had his first job as a sanitary doctor as a delegate in San Luis of the SNIS (National Integrated Health System), a system that Domingo Liotta had created for Juan Perón in his third presidency. That system that integrated all the “boxes” was perhaps a fruit (another) of the poisonous tree, because It was imported by José López Rega from Spain. There it had been created for Francisco Franco by his son-in-law, the Marquis of Villaverde (Cristóbal Martínez Bordiú), a business that came to be exported to the Philippines. The need for reform is shared by all, but the Kirchners, who ruled for 12 years, did not do so when they had power. Now she promotes it so that Alberto does it, who has no power but needs.

The idea, which is not new, is being studied in some offices, such as that of the Vice Minister of Health, where Martín Sabignoso is in charge of studying a reform of the so-called PMO – Mandatory Medical Program – in compliance with an agreement with the IDB, from which that official is coming. One of the experts invited is Rubén Torres, rector of the Insalud University, the think tank referred to in its founder, Minister Ginés. Torres has given the arguments in a recent book “Myths and realities of social works”, where he explains that Argentina is one of the countries that spends the most on health As a percentage of GDP, 9.5%, but the money is not provided by the State, which only takes care of 0.5 of that percentage. The rest is put by workers in social works, private prepayments and direct public spending.

Therefore the system is goodNot as Cristina believes, because Argentina is one of the few countries in America where any citizen receives free medical care in the public system. Among those few other countries are Uruguay (which in 2005 created a SNIS), Costa Rica and Cuba. This explains the resistance of Argentina to the first wave of the plague, which the whole world suffered this year. Another reform is also being studied in the Health Insurance Superintendency (SSS) to modify the coverage system for monotax payers, so that they pay more and can include their family. The person in charge is the second of the SSS, David Aruachan. The smoke suffocates in the time tunnel and it can even revive López Rega.

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