Ekaterina Strizhenova was hospitalized not so long ago. The artist has a number of programs on television, but during one of the live broadcasts, she stumbled and fell. As a result, the 53-year-old TV presenter ended up in the hospital with a broken arm. She admitted that she was able to watch her fall, which was captured on video, only a few days later. The woman admitted that the incident cost her dearly.

The other day Strizhenova was visited by her husband Alexander. And friends and colleagues give her gifts, wishing a speedy recovery. Due to hospitalization, the artist missed her grandson’s birthday. But she congratulated the baby on the social network and shared footage from the first joint photo session with Petr Petrovich. The TV presenter does not hide that she loves the curly baby very much.

In the frames, Catherine posed in a pale pink cloak with peas. A child sat on her knees, dressed in a denim jacket and trousers.

“Today we are 3 years old !!!! Petya Petrovich’s birthday, but I say “to us”, because for the whole family this is a time of great happiness, which consists of the first sight, the first word, the first step … sleepless nights, early waking up, lullabies, children’s fairy tales, attempts teach and educate !!!! I love you, my first grandson! ” – wrote a happy grandmother.

Elena Malysheva, who has long been a fan of the artist’s grandson, reacted to the post. “For our beloved Peta Petrovich, only health and happiness! And, of course, health and happiness to Nastenka and Petya! ” – she noted. “Looks like my grandfather! All the best to the baby! “,” He is a wonderful baby, nice and sunny and it is clear that he is loved by everyone “,” So young and already a grandson “,” How he looks like a grandfather, “the subscribers commented on the post.

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