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Electricity companies Edenor and Edesur increase their rates in Argentina by 9%

BUENOS AIRES, May 1 (Reuters) – The electricity distribution companies Edenor and Edesur will increase the average rate by 9% starting on Saturday in the city of Buenos Aires and the urban cordon that surrounds it, reported the National Electricity Regulatory Entity (IN RE).

The electricity sector is going through a difficult situation in Argentina due to the fact that rates have been frozen since 2019, in a context of high inflation.

The increase is available in the context of the negotiation of the Tariff Transition Regime “to reach a conjuncture solution that guarantees the continuity, accessibility and normal provision of this essential public service,” the ENRE said in a statement.

“Since December 2019, the government of the (ruling) Frente de Todos has prioritized the need to reduce the rate impact on the purchasing power of families, businesses and industries, in the context of economic, health and energy emergency,” he added.

Edenor’s concession covers 4,637 square kilometers in Greater Buenos Aires and the northwestern area of ​​the Argentine capital, where some 9 million inhabitants reside.

For its part, Edesur provides service to an area of ​​3,300 square kilometers in the southern area of ​​the Argentine capital and in 12 districts of the urban cordon that surrounds it.

(Report by Lucila Sigal)

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