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EL TIEMPO launches this Tuesday, April 6, a new version of its web portal – Technology News – Technology

After a long process of evolution that led to ELTIEMPO.COM To consolidate itself in the last year as the most visited news site on the Internet in Colombia, according to figures from Comscore, this newspaper takes a new step for its readers this Tuesday with the launch of a new design for its website.

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As has happened with the creative and editorial efforts that preceded it, the new ELTIEMPO.COM was created thinking about responding to the needs of the public in terms of usability, appearance, and reliable information prepared with the highest quality standards of journalism.

The objective of this new bet is to consolidate its history as a benchmark for digital news media.

Andrés Mompotes Lemos, general director of EL TIEMPO, highlighted that this is “the demonstration that We continue to innovate to meet the demanding information needs of our audiences. It is about offering readers an avant-garde graphic bet, which strengthens the vertical formats on mobile phones and incorporates more modules for the recommendation of topics, to attend to the reading habits of each person, based on automation tools ”.

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“In this way, we continue to be pioneers in the country and the region in the use of machine learning techniques to respond to what subscribers and frequent readers search for on the portal on a daily basis. In this way, we put the best technology at the service of the best journalism ”, he added.

In the new site, readers will find an offer of the most important news of the day designed by the editors of this publishing house, and, at the same time, spaces prepared according to the informative interests of our audiences; segments where people can choose the topics they want to read about.

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It is about offering readers an avant-garde graphic bet

A reader in Barranquilla, for example, can follow the political sections and the latest content about his city, while one from Medellín, in these same segments, will have the option of opting for information on the capital of Antioquia and the latest on international events.

In visual terms, Néstor Javier Vanegas, EL TIEMPO’s Digital Product Manager, pointed out that on the new page “the design is cleaner and tidier so that people feel a better user experience and a better balance between information consumption, advertising and the different news modules (…) and one of the most important characteristics of the redesign is that the user will experience a faster load when reading the news ”.

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App and articulo

Jonatan Martinez Molano

Another aspect that Vanegas rescues from the process is that the work was led mainly by women.

One of them, Adriana Lucía Guerrero, digital design leader of the project, explained that there will also be changes in the articles aimed at improving the experience of users who read us from their cell phones. One of them is the inclusion of vertical photos, in a design according to the trend of news consumption mainly from mobile phones.

In this sense, editors and reporters who write news content will also have the technical possibility of editing on platforms that allow them to see, before presenting their reports, how the audience will perceive their journalistic work from mobile devices.

Guerrero added that the site’s typography also changed to the same as the printed one. “It is a portal that, beyond looking modern, looks technological and current. We didn’t want to transgress the newspaper’s story, ”he said.

More multimedia spaces

In the new website of this house, our users will find more prominent multimedia specials, several of them winners of the most prestigious national and international journalism awards in recent years.

And in spaces such as Research and Analysis they will have the most in-depth investigations and reports on national events at hand, while in the EL TIEMPO PLAY module they will find stories aimed at audiences that prefer to learn through audiovisual content.

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