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Eiza González cannot resist the benefits of olive oil either

Eiza Gonzalez is a reference when we talk about inspiration to create a beauty routine or based on one of your beauty looks. Mexican actress has made of his hair and his skin (protected by a wide knowledge of skincare) two of its most coveted characteristics, because consciously or unconsciously, it is very possible that you have asked yourself ‘what does he do to have that hair and that skin?’ when touring your feed from Instagram.

Luckily for everyone, the mexican artist is willing to share its knowledge. And it is that while the career of Eiza González is on the rise, his talks with various media multiply and it was with Vogue US where he confessed what exactly he does to look spectacular, but this time, we will focus on his mane.

Olive oil: Eiza González’s secret to taking care of her hair

During her conversation with Vogue on the occasion of her incursion as the image of a Louis Vuitton fragrance (the first Mexican to hold this title), Baby Driver actress She talked about her beauty secrets and one that is definitely worth rescuing is found in an ‘elixir’ well known for its hair properties: the olive oil.

If anyone is reliable in these matters it is Eiza Gonzalez, because her hair has been chameleonic during her time in Hollywood: it has been brown, blonde and, as she confessed in that interview, she just filmed a film where we will see her as a platinum blonde. So how do you keep her hair so healthy How do we see it in your Instagram photos?

In addition to Oribe and Olaplex products, the Mexican woman loves to ‘do some home treatments like olive oil masks‘. Although he did not say exactly how he applies it to his hair, the truth is that this oil has an excellent reputation among those who like to experiment with natural ingredients in your hair.

What are the benefits of olive oil on hair?

This ingredient that we all have in the kitchen, comes from a tree called Olea europaea and contains oleic acids with antioxidant benefits that could help with the problem of hair loss. Olive oil also contains antibacterial properties that contribute to a scalp healthy and clean.

Contains Vitamin E, so it strengthens the hair, while it deeply hydrates it, it is ideal for brittle manes or those with damaged ends.

How to use olive oil on hair?

Even if Eiza Gonzalez He did not reveal exactly how he uses olive oil, he does mention that he likes to make it in the most homemade way: with a mask. It should be noted that this oil should be used sparingly, especially if you tend to have greasy hair, because if you overdo it, the effect may be the opposite of what you expect.

According to the specialized site endorsed by American doctors, Healthline, a good olive oil mask, can be applied as follows.

  1. It measures between 1/8 or 1/4 cup. Less is more and remember that oily textures are always difficult to remove from your hair. Rub your hands before applying to warm the product and massage gently from the crown to your roots.
  2. Cover your mask with a shower cap and let me act during your shower time. There is no evidence of how long it is best for it to stay on your hair, but the average time is 15 minutes.
  3. Remove the oil washing your hair with warm water and the shampoo of your choice until it is completely removed.
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