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Eight young people celebrate New Year’s Eve together: now everyone is dead


Eight young people celebrate New Year’s Eve together: now everyone is dead

Four young men and four young women are all dead after celebrating New Year’s Eve together.

Posusje (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – In Bosnia-Herzegovina there are eight young people at a New Year’s Eve party in a weekend house lost his life.

The group celebrated together.  (Symbol image)

The group celebrated together. (Symbolic picture) © 123RF / Cathy Yeulet

The four men and women aged around 20 succumbed to smoke poisoning, as reported by the Croatian news agency Hina, citing the police in the Bosnian canton of Western Herzegovina.

The eight young people reportedly retired to the weekend house in a local recreation area near Posusje in western Herzegovina to celebrate the turn of the year.

The cause of the tragedy in the Posusje municipality in the southwestern part of the country is still being investigated. Carbon monoxide poisoning is not uncommon in the Balkans.

This can happen when the highly toxic but difficult to perceive gas flows out of damaged stoves or chimneys.

Such private parties were organized in large numbers this time in Bosnia. People bypassed the lockdown that the authorities had imposed because of the corona pandemic.

The measures include, among other things, the ban on public events with more than 30 participants, the closure of all restaurants at 11 p.m. and a nightly curfew from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.

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