Eight things you can do with Google Maps now that you can’t travel

Eager to take a trip to open Google Maps looking for unknown places in another country? While that moment arrives, which will undoubtedly come, we offer you a few alternative uses to the application that They are also useful to discover new places, although close. We often strive to fly away when we have more than one undiscovered wonder just two steps away.

With the pandemic, travel is not only limited, it is not recommended either. Since safety must come first, the best we can do is save us any displacement that implies a long distance, also those that lead to a multitude. This applies to leisure travel, an activity that must be postponed; along with the primary use of Google Maps, that invaluable application when we set foot in another country. Although it is not only useful in these cases, Maps can offer a lot in short distances.

Locate interesting nearby venues

Google Maps Nearby Places Surely you do not know everything good that you have in a nearby radius

Google Maps not only makes long-haul trips easier, also those that are carried out within a radius of a few kilometers. And now that you can’t leave your city, why don’t you take the opportunity to explore it thoroughly in search of those establishments that you didn’t know about?

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Traveling is a way to get out of the routine, but it is also possible to breathe out by exploring what is around the corner. For that Google Maps is great: open the application, lift the ‘Explore’ section and let yourself be advised by the recommendations. Cafes, a place to have a drink, where to go in search of that cake capable of brightening up your afternoon … Let yourself be enveloped by what your own environment offers you.

Discover the new sites

Google Maps News

Maybe you know your city thoroughly, but Are you aware of all the establishments that were recently opened? Google Maps allows you to take a look at the news from precisely that tab, the ‘News’. Browse the current recommendations, discover what dishes the ‘Local Guides’ who have visited your surroundings recommend and let yourself be known by Google Maps. The more you use the news section, the more sites of interest the application will find for you.

Find the parks where you can get some fresh air

Google Maps Parks

We must avoid crowds and maintain the maximum safety distanceThese two recommendations must be internalized. And there is no better space to air out than a park, especially if you live in a big city.

First of all, you must follow the security measures: check on Google Maps what the influx of places is before visiting them and plan according to the emptiest hours

Surely you do not know all the parks that you can visit even if you have limited travel. And there is no better way to discover them than by accessing Google Maps: look at the categories in the upper area (under the search bar) and scroll them to the left until you discover the ‘More’. Go to ‘Things to do’ and enter ‘Parks’: Maps will offer all the information of the outdoor places near you.

Find nearby offers

Google Maps Offers

That you need an extra reason to get out of the house and explore your surroundings? Well, Google Maps knows some of the nearby offers; and it offers them to you in the ‘News’ tab. Access that section and dive into everything that the app has found discounted: the more you interact with the content, and the more it knows about your leisure tastes, Maps will be more accurate with offers.

Take the opportunity to visit the places that you had pending

Google Maps Favorites

One of the best features of Maps is that it allows you to save as favorites those places that you suddenly stumble upon and never have time to visit calmly. The ‘I save it for another day’ which ends up filling your favorites lists with cafes, restaurants, special corners and other places of interest. Well then: that day has come.

Take the opportunity to empty the lists of pending places by visiting all those sites that They seemed to have charm and for which you never had time. You don’t have to take a plane and travel thousands of miles to feel all the emotions of traveling.

Plan your next big trip

Google Maps Planes Why not take the opportunity to make plans for the next trip?

Long-distance trips are not viable, nor are they recommended. Of course, only the trips that are made actively, that nothing prevents you from using your imagination, and Google Maps, to plan your next great getaway. When possible, that the world will not move from your site (hopefully).

Delve into your podium of countries to which you would like to travel and use the application to take a walk without leaving the mobile screen. Bookmark the must-see monuments, browse the views in search of the most authentic corners and, in short, allow yourself a little escape without having to move your feet. Better times will come and you will have everything ready for when they arrive.

Remember your last great trip

Google Maps Visits

Letting yourself be lulled by melancholy does not have to be sad, that great memories should be remembered. Since travel is experiences that are treasured for the rest of life, why not travel back in time with Google Maps in search of those places that marked your destiny?

How to see your history of cities and countries visited on Google Maps

With ‘Your chronology’ you can move to any previous day to redo the routes you made. All you have to do is access the calendar, select the day of the trip that you want to remember and accurately review the corners that you keep in your memory. Google stores a lot of data, yes, there is no doubt that privacy is in question. In return he provides an excellent time machine.

Earn points in Local Guides

Google Maps Local Guides

Now that you are not using Google Maps for your travels, why not take the opportunity to grow your Local Guides profile? Review the places you have visited and give your opinion on them, improve the information of the establishments by providing corrections, answer the questions and, ultimately, level up for when travel time returns.

Google Local Guides: what is it and what are the advantages of the Google Maps rating system

Local Guides is Google’s program for those who make comments and contributions to Google Maps. It is found in the ‘Contribute’ tab. And the more information you complete, not only will you improve your level with badges, you will also help Maps users know a site faithfully before visiting it. Additionally, Google regularly gives gifts to higher-level Local Guides as an incentive.

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