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Eight spices you can easily plant at home

Some spices are easy to grow and require little care.

Spices are usually certain aromatic plantsAlthough the term is also often used to refer to the leaves of certain herbs.

In ancient times, spices were used primarily to be able to better preserve food.

All spices come from plants and vegetables which are used in gastronomy as seasonings or flavorings for various foods and culinary preparations.

Also, the spices are extremely varied and this allows to find a large quantity of flavors, colors, textures and aromas that can transform meals, giving it a unique flavor.

Spices to plant

Some spices are easy to grow and do not require much care or maintenance.

You can even grow some varieties of spices in the same kitchen and in small pots, they only require a little sunlight to reach them, so you can place them under a window.

For lovers of good cuisine, spices are essential. We present you the ones that are easier to grow at home:


This spice is undoubtedly the most popular. It is used in most people’s favorite dishes, such as pizzas or pasta.

Oregano needs a lot of sun and warmth, so in winter it is advisable to put it indoors so that it is not affected by low temperatures. This plant also requires abundant amounts of water so as not to dry out and wilt.


Coriander grows best in a place where it receives plenty of lighting. The plant requires a soil normal and temperate climate.

To sow it, be careful to leave 15 by 20 cm between each seed.

It does not withstand low temperatures so, if you place it in a pot, you should keep it indoors during the winter. Regarding irrigationIt should not be very frequent, but it does require good drainage.

At the time of harvest, cut off individual leaves and stems from the base of the plant. Do not use old sprouts in meals as they have a bitter taste.


In the kitchen we can use rosemary to add aroma and flavor to the dishes, especially stews.

For him romero a medium or large pot is recommended. Its care is simple because it does not need too much sun or much water.


In the basil italian cuisineFreshly cut is essential, so planting them in the houses is a highly recommended option to transfer directly from the pot to the plate.

Growing it is easy, It does not need a lot of direct sun but it does need regular wateringAlthough it tolerates a bit of drought well.


The parsley is one of the most widely used spices, it goes well with almost everything and is very easy to maintain.

It grows in any type of land, like basil it does not need much sun or too many waterings.

It grows fast and in large quantities, so we can use it in abundance and to start planting it we only need a few few seeds.


This plant does not require great care, but if you need aabundant sun for its development.

The soil does not have to be very fertilized and is cultivated in spring. You can collect in summer and for this the bushes are cut and allowed to dry.

The seeds are then separated and stored for use in the kitchen.


It is an easy plant to care for. The thyme is practically autonomousOr, it grows anywhere, in sun or shade, and needs so little water that you can almost forget about it.

White mustard

This plant must be cultivated in clay soil and poor in nitrogen. It does not require great care and is one of the pmore resistant rims.

What is most used of this plant are the seeds, but also salad leaves. Before using it, we must wait for the seeds to dry.

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