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Eifel village Altenburg flooded – from idyll to water hell

Green and calm with a lot of nature. An idyll to take a deep breath and recharge your batteries.

Now brown, broken and devastated. The village of Altenburg in the Eifel was hit with full force by the flood disaster, as before-and-after pictures show. Two images that couldn’t be more different. Two images that are deeply touching.

→ “The place is picturesquely situated in the wide round of a loop of the Ahr around the castle rock, a circular mountain on which the“ Old Castle ”of the Counts of Are was located for the construction of Are Castle around 1100”, says the Homepage.

And further: “Altenburg is a district of Altenahr and is located on the right bank of the Ahr in the southern Ahr Mountains. In Altenburg there is, among other things, the devil’s hole, which looks as if an artist has cut a passe-partout into the rock to fix the view of what lies behind. “

There are campsites nearby, hiking trails. Many people live from tourism. All of this is broken now. Houses, cars, the village and the surrounding landscape are now flooded with water. And when they are gone, rubble remains.

It will be years before the devastating brown is turned back into an idyllic green.

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