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Effects that will mark hair color trends 2021

This season is when it occurs to us to make a change of look the most, not only because of the change of season, but also because the hot season demands a renewal in our appearance. That is why we have investigated what are the hair color trends 2021 that you can wear to give your hair light, volume and dimension.

If you are ready to change the appearance of your dark hair, but you want an effect that does not require constant touch-ups and does not need a very aggressive bleaching to avoid damaging your hair, we have the solution for you! There are many highlight effects for dark brown hair that will help brighten your hair and give it movement without damaging it.

Hair color trends 2021


This year, the contour effect will be one of the most popular, since in addition to illuminating the face, it can provide a more youthful and fresh appearance. It consists of lightening the strands of hair closest to the face, and it can be as obvious or subtle as you wish. This effect is accompanied by a gradient that allows you to maintain the natural color at your roots while lightening your hair. For dark hair, an ashy shade can be chosen to create an obvious contrast.

Half painted hair

We began to see this trend in famous like Dua Lipa last year, and it’s all about contrasting shades in the hair. The combination of different shades such as blondes and black in different sections to create a contour effect. The lighter ones go near the face and on the upper part of the hair, while the darker ones go underneath to give an effect of density in the hair.

Dirty brunette

This effect is born from the hair dirty blonde which refers to the natural shades of blonde hair, especially in young children, combining dark and light locks. Inspired by this look, the effect was created dirty brunette that create different shades on dark hair to give it more dimension.

Laminate toning

Unlike the ‘balayage’ that made a big difference between the tones of the root and the tones of the ends, this technique maintains a more natural and subtle appearance in the hair. The ‘laminate toning’ effect, mimics the appearance of sunlight on hair, it achieves by means of light in very fine strands, distributed in the hair to create a much more subtle and less aggressive contrast in the hair. The best thing is that it can be worn on both long hair and short hair to give it shine and a healthier appearance.

Shadow roots

The ‘shadow roots’ effect is one of those preferred by women with dark hair and by girls with fine hair. Bring the roots darker than the rest of the hair helps give dimension and depth to the hair, plus it creates beautiful gradient effects, especially on long hair. You can choose an ashy tone from medium to ends for the autumn-winter season, or take a more natural color by choosing one or two shades lighter than yours.

Auburn hair

For warm skin, this shade is the ideal complement, either in a full tint or accompanied by lighting effects that provide greater movement and dimension to the hair to give a fuller appearance. This color is characterized by providing rusty reddish tones that make curly or wavy hair look with the reflections of the sun.

To revive the look of the hair, it is recommended to choose highlights in sections of the hair on a dark base, in this way the reflection of the sun is imitated while adding a touch of color that highlights the tones of brown skin.

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