Eduardo Valdés said that Alberto Fernández is called by other presidents to ask him to help them with the Russian vaccine

“Today the President himself (Alberto Fernández) is being called by other heads of state to ask him to help them with the Russian vaccine, and heads of state of well capitalist countries”, highlighted Valdés in dialogue with the program El Gíglico, hosted by Mauro Viale on Radio Rivadavia.

In this framework, the national deputy considered that the coronavirus vaccine “should be mandatory”, and specified: “When you are a boy you have to vaccinate against measles, against this and that. This is being the most harmful for others. … because it’s not about me getting infected, but infecting someone else. “

“You have every right to demand a behavior that does not endanger your life. I feel very happy that in my country there are 300 thousand vaccines. This is a great achievement”, stressed the former ambassador to the Vatican.

Along these lines, Valdés assured that “the countries are going to be divided between those that have access to the vaccine and those that will have a vaccine within a year.”

“We have a vaccine, we have 300 thousand (doses), and they say that 5 million arrive at the end of January, then 5 million more,” he described.

Finally, he affirmed that Argentina has “the possibility of having a Chinese vaccine, and the possibility of having Pfizer.” “Anything that has more than 40 million people, welcome to put an end to the pandemic in April or May at the latest,” he concluded.

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