Edomex doctor who sneaked the family into covid vaccine is not from the Army

Mexico /

After it was reported that a doctor vaccinated his family against covid-19 yesterday in the State of Mexico, despite the fact that they are not a priority, the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) clarified that this does not work at the Military Hospital of Santa María Rayón in the State of Mexico, it is not military.

The Army explained this Wednesday that, in reality, it is the doctor José Rogel Romero who works as director of the Toluca Medical Center “Lic. Adolfo López Mateos “, who according to an information card, “does not belong to the Armed Forces, nor does he have a military personality.”

In the morning, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed the fact, and reiterated that the first beneficiaries should be operational personnel who are on the battle line against the pandemic.

“What I do want to take advantage of to clarify (…) yesterday a colleague (…) made a complaint because in a hospital in Rayón, in the State of Mexico, a family had been vaccinated, the blame was blamed on the Army because they were military personnel. The investigation was done and, indeed, yes, a family that did not correspond to the application of the vaccine arrived and with influentialism they were vaccinated, a doctor, his wife and I think one or two of his daughters, declared the president from the National Palace .

In his morning conference, President López Obrador stated that the doctor managed to vaccinate himself, his wife and “one or two of his daughters”, for which an investigation has already been initiated to punish said abuse.

“Ask all the people to help us by reporting all these abuses, because it is not a matter of a single woman, a single man, a single public servant or a group of public servants or only public servants of the government, it is everyone’s business to be able to stop, stop, cut off influentialism, which is a vice, a bad habit that comes from afar, “he said.


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