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Edinson Cavani, close to ensuring his continuity for another season at Manchester United

BARCELONA – Edinson Cavani has practically made the decision to continue another season at Manchester United after having a productive talk with manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, a source close to the player informed ESPN.

The 34-year-old veteran striker had a difficult adaptation to England and a few weeks ago his surroundings were almost certain that his future was in Boca Juniors.

Cavani missed several games due to physical problems and was slow to overcome the blow suffered at the beginning of the season when the English Federation sanctioned him for using the word “black” on Instagram, understanding that it could have racist connotations.

However, a source close to the footballer acknowledges to ESPN that the situation has taken a new turn after a month of April in which Cavani has recovered his best football level and has felt the confidence of Solskjaer.

Cavani has scored five goals in his last five games, including a double in the first leg of the Europa League semi-finals against Roma.

Thus, the forward has practically made the decision to stay at United for another season and the source assures ESPN that in the next few days there should be a meeting between the Uruguayan representatives and managers of the English club to formalize everything on paper.

Cavani joined United in October 2020 after signing a one-season contract, but from then on the two parties made it official that there was an option to extend his continuity at Old Trafford for one more season.

In this way, the negotiation should not be prolonged and once Cavani gives the definitive yes, everything should be official.

In fact, Manchester United sources consulted by ESPN were also optimistic about this possibility despite the fact that a few weeks ago Solskjaer himself admitted that Cavani’s future was up in the air.

On Thursday, however, the United manager was already much more positive when asked by the press after the 6-2 victory against Roma in the first leg of the Europa League semifinals.

“(Cavani) has had injuries, he has worked hard and has shown his quality. He knows that I would love to have him one more year. I understand that it has been very difficult for him,” said the coach.

“I have promised him that Old Trafford and Manchester is a different place with fans. I’m doing my best (to convince him). We don’t have to sell him anything, it’s about how he feels, about the team we are creating and seeing. that he is part of that team. “

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