According to a recent statement by the Pichincha College of Physicians, Ecuador is about to enter phase 4 of the pandemic, this means, when the hospital system has no response capacity and infections are uncontrollable.

At a press conference Peter Álvarez, representatives of the College of Physicians of Pichincha, indicated that this is the most critical phase of the pandemic, where doctors have to decide who enters the ICU and who does not.

Álvarez has asked the National COE to toughen prevention measures in the country, and for this they propose that the beaches be closed, a 24-hour dry law, the closure of bars and nightlife venues.

In addition, they ask that the authorization for the closure of the electoral campaign be suspended, since these activities agglomerate a large number of people, who are still not aware of the danger that these events generate.

Likewise, the doctors request the Ministry of Public Health, MSP, to speed up the vaccination process for doctors. So far more than 300 doctors from the private sector have lost the battle after catching Covid-19, said Byron Montenegro, representative.


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