Ecatepec family provokes anger at covid hospital; assaults doctor


In Tlaxcala, a family beat medical personnel and security personnel at the Regional Hospital of Tzompantepec.

It all started when a young man went to the hospital to request a consultation because he had a cough and had a suspicion that it was covid-19.

Medical personnel asked him to wait his turn, since they had other patients with clearer symptoms and who required immediate attention; This caused outrage on the part of the boy’s father, who called his family to attack the medical and security personnel.

In the images, you can see the pitched fight and the attacks that one of the doctors and the hospital security elements were subjected to; one resulted in a head injury.

In a statement, the Ministry of Health condemned these violent acts and announced that the family that caused this is originally from Ecatepec, State of Mexico.

The injured guard will be transferred to the Mexican Institute of Social Security for attention.

They reported that the events were notified to the Public Ministry to establish or define responsibilities.


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