Earthquake in Croatia – noticeable to Germany and Austria

South of Zagreb, the earth trembled with a magnitude of 6.4, it is the second severe quake within a few hours. A nuclear power plant was shut down in Slovenia as a precaution.

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 shook the central region of Croatia again. Media reports on Tuesday spoke of significant property damage in the Croatian capital and in the vicinity of the epicenter, which was around 45 kilometers southeast of Zagreb. In the village of Petrinja, helpers pulled a man and a child out of rubble after video recordings on the N1 station. Other images from the place 50 kilometers from the capital Zagreb showed a house with a collapsed roof. Information about injured persons was initially not available. It was the second quake in a row within 30 hours.

Slovenia responded to the earthquake by shutting down the Krsko nuclear power plant. It was a precaution, said a spokeswoman. Krsko is the only nuclear power plant in Slovenia and is located around a hundred kilometers east of the capital Ljubljana. It belongs to Croatia and Slovenia together.

Quakes already on Monday

Magnitude 5.2 and 5.0 tremors were recorded in the same area on Monday. This time, too, more serious damage is expected. The first photos and videos were published on social networks.

According to the European Earthquake Center (EMSC), the epicenter was around 50 kilometers southeast of the capital Zagreb not far from the city of Petrinje. The town hall was damaged there, as Mayor Darinko Dumbovic reported to the station N1. “We pull people out of their cars, we don’t know whether there are dead or injured,” he said. “A general panic is spreading, people are looking for their loved ones.” Some buildings have suffered considerable damage, Dumbovic said. Many people therefore did not dare to go back into their homes.

Cracks appeared on several facades in nearby Sisak. The fire brigade was on duty there to secure the damage and to come to the aid of the residents.

Shocks felt in Germany and Austria

The bumps could be felt from afar. Numerous users, mainly from Austria, reported on Twitter that they had been shaken.

The page reported that the bumps should have been felt as far as Bavaria and even Saxony. The earthquake was also felt in some areas of Italy, as the Italian civil protection authority announced. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Monday on Twitter that the Commission is in contact with Croatian Prime Minister Plenkovic and his government and is ready to help.

The Balkans lies on a large tectonic fault line. The region is regularly shaken by earthquakes. Only in March did a 5.4 magnitude earthquake in Zagreb cause major damage. A youth had died and more than two dozen people were injured.

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