Due to the rise in infections, the Province does not rule out applying a health curfew

Asked about the crowds on the beaches of the Atlantic Coast, especially of young people and adolescents, the Buenos Aires official said that “he does not want the (summer) season to be canceled, but some measures must be taken to reduce infections, which are strong not only in Mar del Plata, but also the Partido de la Costa is registering many cases “.

In radio statements, he anticipated that this will be “a key week to take definitions” on possible restrictive measures. He acknowledged that it would be “unfriendly measures, but there is no other.”

Along these lines, GarcĂ­a affirmed that the intention is for “tourism to continue” since there is awareness of “the importance of this activity for the coastal municipalities,” but explained that “there will be no tourism if there is an uncontrollable outbreak. , if the Ministry of Health cannot give an answer “.

“We cannot combine the worst of two worlds: health chaos and lack of tourism, because a family will not want to go to a place where the risk of contagion is high. We must find a balance where we maintain some tourism without that’s a time bomb, “he said.

“We are seeing that the cases grow very quickly. Not like in the first part of the pandemic, in autumn and winter, when we had the circulation of people practically cut off, to 20 percent, and the cases were growing slowly and It gave us time to prepare the beds. Now, without restrictions, things kind of got out of hand. Obviously, the mobility of the people increased a lot and the Holidays clearly do not collaborate. People meet and it is very difficult to maintain the guidelines of care. So Yes, it is possible that we can call that a regrowth at this point, and there will be no other option but to take some restrictive measures, “he warned.

Regarding the possibility of applying a sanitary curfew, he indicated that “some countries are implementing it and the WHO recommends restricting hours, which affects the issue of bars, but you have to be careful because it can lead to clandestine parties.”

“It is possible that these days we will discuss some of the measures in the ministry. This afternoon we will prepare reports to show the Minister of Health and the Governor,” he stressed.

In addition, he gave clues about where the measures could pass, although in a personal capacity: “I would regulate transport, I would focus on the movement of people and at night.

I’d also aim for trips to the coast and be more picky about that. “

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