Due to “situations of total overflow”, the Province of Buenos Aires advances with the curfew

He sanitary curfew for curb the increase in coronavirus cases is approaching to be a reality, at least in the Buenos Aires province. The Buenos Aires Vice Minister of Health, Nicolas KreplakHe said that in the Government “we are concerned about the increase in cases” and acknowledged that “we went back more than two months in the last three weeks.”

While waiting midweek to have a vision of the scenario in which “we are standing”, the Vice Minister of Health confirmed that there could be a health curfew: “We do not rule out having daytime hours in which activities cannot be carried out neither public nor private: we do not want the beaches at any time have the concentration that was seen, “said the official after the images that were released this weekend from numerous Buenos Aires spas.

When interviewed by Lourdes Suazo and Eduardo Caími in the program The First News that is emitted in AM 750, Nicolás Kreplak regretted that “there is a lack of care and compliance with the protocols” after an increase in cases for three consecutive weeks. “There is consensus with the mayors that something must be done. The difficulty is how the measures are operationalized, “he stated.

With the Covid on the rise, the Province analyzes the curfew

Total overflow situations are being seen as observed in the last weekend where the deterrence of the Police did not even reach “, recalled the official of the government of Axel Kicillof, who specified that there is 55% occupation of intensive care beds in the Province.

Although he considered that daytime restrictions on the coast “cannot happen”, it can be raised when the sun goes down. “The suspension of night circulation is a possibility. If there is silence during the nights, a clandestine party is easily detectable, “argued the official.

The opinion of the advisers

Elisa Estenssoro, the Head of Intensive Care at Hospital San Martín de La Plata and a member of Axel Kicillof’s team of health advisors, referred to the increase in cases and pointed out that “this is a strong outbreak.” The physician warned that “the situation is meriting a sanitary curfew“and focused on that” I do not know if a total quarantine is feasible but something that limits mobility. “In his opinion, restrictions on public transport should be returned.

“I saw what happened on the coast and it seems terrible to me. It is the cause of the increase in cases,” Estenssoro warned in dialogue with The Uncover Radio. In addition, the utility pointed out that “in the street there are people gathered without masks, without respecting the distance. It was obvious that this was going to happen“.

“The second wave that we expected for March is happening now. If it is not, we are very close,” said Kicillof’s advisor. And he stressed that “there was clearly an increase in serious cases of coronavirus. What happens on the street translates into intensive care units.” “We are going to have a second wave earlier than expected and with exhausted health personnel,” he warned.

The second wave we expected for March is passing now, Estenssoro said

For his part, the mayor of Villa Gesell, Gustavo Barrera, anticipated his support for any decision made by the Government: “If from the Province they propose a night curfew, we will support it“.

In dialogue with The Uncover Radio, the communal chief explained that on the beaches of Villa Gesell there is a care of the protocols and specified that “we prohibit the use of the beach at night.” According to his calculations, the coastal town received 180 thousand tourists in December and it is estimated that for now there are 150 thousand.

We have been preparing but the cases are increasing. It is a reality, “said the mayor. He also commented:” We have a system to intervene quickly in crowds “and” fines of 80,000 to 300,000 for those who organize house parties. “


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