Due to inflation, taxes on tobacco, sugary drinks and gasoline will increase 3.3% in 2021: AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported this morning that only products that will increase by 3.3% from January 2021 they will be the tobacco, soft drinks and automotive fuels, like Magna, Premium and diesel gasoline.

In morning press conference, the head of the federal Executive indicated that despite this rise, there is no increase in real terms, but rather due to the inflationary adjustment.

He recalled that the quotas in pesos of worked cigars, flavored beverages and automotive fuels are updated every year with the annual inflation of November, as established by the Law on Special Taxes on Products and Services, which in this case is 3.3%

“The only thing that is going to increase are 3.3% tobacco, this is inflation in real terms there are no increases, it is an adjustment to inflation; sugary drinks 3.3%, nothing of which the soft drink increased 10, 15, 20%, that there are no abuses and the fuels, the Premium Mgna and the diesel, 3.3% which is inflation. In real terms there is no increase.

In the Treasury room of the National Palace, the president pointed out that despite this increase in fuels “today gasoline, and tomorrow and the day after and moving forward, they are cheaper than when we came to the government. “

“In public finances we also closed with good data, the collection, despite the pandemic, is already higher in quantitative terms.

He noted that in 2019, government revenues were 4 trillion 5 thousand 57 million pesos and now we are closing with 4 trillion 87 thousand 190 million. They are 82 billion pesos more than last year.

President López Obrador reported that in tax collection, it went from 3 billion 197 million to 3 billion 321 million “in this case it is like 125 million pesos more.”

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