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Due to a mistake, they reject a body in the Iztapalapa pantheon


Derived from an error in the burial ticket issued by court 14, the body of a man has not been able to be buried and remains in a funeral carriage outside the San Nicolás Tolentino pantheon in Iztapalapa.

Family members indicate that the court clerk who drew up the document by hand, made a mistake in the name and corrected it with a proofreader, but as the paper is folded, she no longer wanted to change it even when she was asked if there would be a problem.

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They told us if we could bury him, but right now they did not want to attend to us, because it is assumed that the papers are not right, a document was blotted out, “said Claudia Espinosa, the deceased’s sister.

Because the pantheon is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., they were told that they could no longer do anything and that they will return until tomorrow with the corrected document and with the body undergoing an embalming process for the time he had been dead.

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The relatives detail that they will not move the float with the corpse from the main door until some authority helps them.

Luis, died this Tuesday at 6 in the morning at the age of 51 due to kidney failure and complications derived from covid-19 in a hospital in the State of Mexico, but was a resident in the Mayor’s Office of Iztapalapa.

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