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Dubai manipulates the weather – artificial rain against 50 degrees Celsius heat!

Rain like a waterfall – as if Peter himself had opened all the locks so that all of his wet possessions spilled over the desert state of Dubai …

Perhaps this is how it looks – but instead of coming from heaven, a lot of human hands were given to help. Dubai has created artificial rain to counter the temperatures, which have been over 40 degrees Celsius for many days and now even cracked the 50 degree mark.

With drone technology, electrical charges are released in clouds so that they clump together and precipitate forms, reports the “Independent“. As a result, driving a car was almost no longer possible in parts of the country.

▶ ︎ The United Arab Emirates have been suffering from falling groundwater levels for years, and have invested around 13 million euros in rainmaker projects since 2017. The current project is under the scientific leadership of the University of Reading in Great Britain. Professor Maarten Ambaum worked on the project and told the BBC that the United Arab Emirates had enough clouds to let it rain. No chemicals would be used in the rain generated by electric shocks. Electrical impulses with low power are released in the clouds, which are supposed to influence the balance of the electrical charge within the cloud droplets.

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