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Drivers freaking out – the British are short of fuel! Johnson sends army

No more petrol at the gas stations – and nerves are on fire in the UK!

Around 90 percent of British petrol stations are empty. This news alone causes hamster purchases, long queues – and also aggressiveness. At a petrol station in Welling in south-east London, two motorists now completely freaked out.

The men got so badly in their hair that one of them suddenly pulled a knife: he wanted his opponent to get out. But did not do this. Instead he hit the knife man! He kicked and then stabbed the car.

Fortunately, neither of the two brawlers was harmed. There were a few scratches, dents and a broken exterior mirror, like “The Sun“Reported.

A lack of truck drivers creates chaos

The tricky thing about the British: fuel would be there – if only someone would bring it to the gas station. Gasoline Drama in the UK!

The UK is estimated to be missing more than 100,000 truck drivers. The result: empty petrol and diesel columns, traffic jams at petrol stations. Now the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson (57) wants to send 150 army soldiers to drive petrol trucks.

Economy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng (46) announced on Tuesday that a limited number of military tanker truck drivers had been put on standby – a temporary precaution.

Why Britain is on dry land

Because of Brexit, many truck drivers have returned to the European continent. In addition, the corona restrictions meant that driver training came to a standstill.

The UK economy is the fifth largest in the world. In the middle of the recovery from the Corona crisis, there are new setbacks. A sharp rise in natural gas prices is now causing problems for energy companies. On top of that, the delivery bottlenecks mean that everyday consumer goods become significantly more expensive before the Christmas business.

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