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Driver with rifle killed policeman at traffic stop (Shocking video)

  • Authorities released the dramatic video in which a driver got out of his truck with a rifle and killed a policeman.
  • The driver who got off the vehicle with a rifle had been stopped at a traffic stop.
  • After shooting him, the suspect then approached to finish off the policeman.

The scene is not suitable for everyone. What happened looks like something out of an action movie where the brave defender meets a tragic end. Authorities released the shocking video in which a driver got out of his truck with a rifle and shot and killed a policeman at a traffic stop.

Fox News published on Saturday night the dramatic video footage in which a driver got out of his vehicle with a rifle in hand and shot and killed the officer who had ordered him to stop at what must have been a regular traffic stop.

The driver got out of the truck with a rifle in his hand

New Mexico Police Officer Darian Jarrot was tragically shot and killed during a traffic stop that triggered a 40-mile chase earlier this year. Later, the suspect was also killed in a shooting when confronted with police, Fox News said.

Officer Darian Jarrott initiated the traffic stop in early February against driver Omar Félix Cueva, who, police said later, was heading to Las Cruces to close a drug deal.

The driver had a “violent criminal history”

Police reported that driver Omar Félix Cueva had a “violent criminal history,” including drug charges related to cocaine and methamphetamine, Fox News said. And on February 4, the evil of his actions was recorded on video.

When Officer Darian Jarrott, who was speaking to Omar Félix Cueva through the passenger side window, asked him to get out of the vehicle, the driver got out of the truck with an AR-15-style rifle and shot him repeatedly.

The policeman did not notice that the driver had a rifle (click on the image to see the video)

In the act, officer Darian Jarrott fell to the ground, but Omar Félix Cueva did not stop, but fired several more shots, including one in the neck that he hit point-blank, the Fox News report described.

Less than a minute after Omar Félix Cueva executed the shooting and fled the crime scene, a National Security Investigations agent arrived at the scene and immediately notified the office that Officer Darian Jarrott had fallen.

Chase by the driver who got off his vehicle with a rifle

driver with rifle

Following the homicide, a 40-mile manhunt ensued in which officers from the New Mexico State Police, the Cruces Police Department, the Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office, and the United States Border Patrol joined together and pursued to Omar Félix Cueva. On the way, both sides exchanged shots.

Soon after, law enforcement officials managed to arrest Omar Félix Cueva using a tactic to blow up the tires of his truck by deploying devices on the road to deflate them.

Another shooting

driver with rifle

Before Omar Félix Cueva’s truck came to a complete stop, a video recorded by a passerby shows him exiting his vehicle with a pistol and shooting at the officers, who were forced to respond to the shots and ended up shooting him down, Fox News pointed out.

A Las Cruces police officer identified as Adrian De La Garza was also shot, but was airlifted to a trauma hospital in Texas, where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. .

Tragic end of the officer doing his duty

driver with rifle

Officer Darian Jarrott, who had three young children and was expecting a fourth this year, was sworn in as an officer with the New Mexico State Police in July 2015. Prior to that, he worked as a transportation inspector for the New Mexico Department of Public Safety. Fox News said.

“Even when there was a situation that was difficult, the guy was always smiling,” New Mexico State Police Chief Robert Thornton said in dismay in February, according to a Fox News review.

“No officer should be alone” on guard

With an initial warning for graphic content that may be “disturbing” to some users, the Police Activity YouTube channel published the video recorded from Officer Darian Jarrott’s patrol.

“No officer should be alone, everyone should have companions, rest in peace”, “There are no words to describe the pain of his family. Condolences to them. RIP, Officer Jarrott ”,“ this demon (Omar Félix) was driven by hatred, violence and pure evil. It broke my heart to see how they took the life of this ‘Trooper’. He was being so professional and kind, and he didn’t deserve that ”, are some of the more than 14 thousand comments that have been published in a matter of hours on the YouTube channel.

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