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Drama in the US – Lottery winner drowns before redeeming ticket

A Michigan man won $ 45,000 in the lottery (about $ 39,000). But Gregory Jarvis († 57) drowned with the note in his wallet before he could redeem the prize.

In mid-September the American was in his favorite pub, the “Blue Water Inn” in Caseville. A small bar with simple food and a pool table.

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“Gregory was a very nice guy, he was here almost every day,” co-owner Dawn Talaski told a local news channel. When the winning numbers for the lottery called “The Jack” were announced, the 57-year-old was “super excited”. Someone asked him if he was the winner – “and it was him,” Talaski said.

A week later – Gregory Jarvis often worked out of town – the lottery winner was back for a few drinks at the Blue Water Inn. He said he hadn’t redeemed his ticket because he didn’t have a social security card.

In the state of Michigan, winners must present photo identification and social security ID to collect winnings greater than $ 600. This is what the “New York Post” reports.

The 57-year-old wanted to get a certificate, of course, to pocket the $ 45,000. But Dawn Talaski never saw her regular customer again. At the latest when Jarvis’ boss came into the bar and said that his employee had not shown up for work, the restaurateur knew that something was wrong.

A few days later, a resident reported that he had found a body on the beach. An autopsy revealed it was Gregory Jarvis. The tragic lucky guy had apparently slipped while mooring his boat, hit his head and drowned.

“He wanted to take the money and visit his sister and father in North Carolina,” said Dawn Talaski. The lot that the dead man still had in his wallet was given to the relatives.

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