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Drama in Mallorca – at 2.15 a.m. rescuers pulled the sisters out of the sea

Mallorca (Spain) – Two young German vacationers from North Rhine-Westphalia drowned in the sea off Mallorca on Thursday night. The two sisters (23, 25) went swimming in troubled seas.

In BILD, the Spanish lifeguard Ernesto Murcia (36) speaks about the tragedy at the scene of the accident.

The two sisters from Lemgo (North Rhine-Westphalia) had just arrived with their clique. They had rented two holiday homes in the holiday stronghold of Cala Ratjada in the east of the island. The Germans went to the beach with four friends at around 2 a.m. and made a fatal decision: they dared to take a forbidden swim in the thundering waters!

The red flag was already hoisted in Cala Mendia late on Wednesday afternoon due to the weather conditions. Bathing was forbidden.

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“What a terrible misfortune”

Ernesto Murcia (36) is the coordinator of lifeguards on the beaches of the municipality of Manacor. He said angrily to BILD: “What a terrible accident! We lifeguards are no longer on our lifeguards after 6 p.m. The tragedy occurred Thursday at around 2.15 a.m. A group of young German vacationers went swimming in the sea. Then they called 911 and the police. The police then jumped into the water to get the victims out of the water. Unfortunately, one victim was already dead and the other young woman unfortunately also died later … “

Ernesto thinks about this deadly carelessness and suddenly it breaks out of him:

I constantly have to argue with holidaymakers who don’t understand why I don’t let them into the water with these waves.

Ernesto Murcia draws a sketch for BILD, warns of the danger: “Suddenly you can no longer feel the ground. Then the current washes you into the rocks left and right. The waves come from the middle, but the currents push you outwards. “

The lifeguard continued: “I can understand people too, they are here on vacation, they are hot, they want to cool off in the sea. But when a beach is cordoned off, everyone has to respect it! That’s for the safety of all bathers. You have to respect that! “

“Exactly THAT is the mistake of thinking”

The 36-year-old rescuer to BILD: “I was approached earlier by a German group of girls and was asked by them whether they could go into the water, when I told them it was too dangerous, they respected it.”

“But then they asked me when I would finish work so that they could go into the water. You only wanted to get into the water up to your thighs. I explained to them that this is exactly the wrong thinking! Because when a wave comes, they no longer touch the ground and then you get carried away with the wave and the current, ”says Ernesto.

Search by helicopter and lifeboat

In the meantime, the Mallorcan police announced new details about the night of the accident. The sisters (23.25) apparently had great difficulties getting out of the water again.

The 25-year-old lost consciousness in the sea and was rescued from the water by her friends. Paramedics had attempted resuscitation on the beach, which were initially successful. The young woman was taken to the university hospital in the island’s capital, Palma, but her brain death was found there.

► According to the police, the 23-year-old, who apparently wanted to help her sister, hadn’t made it out of the water and disappeared.

► The police looked for her with a helicopter and a lifeboat, but were hampered by the rough seas. She was eventually found dead in the water near the shore.

The police opened an investigation.

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