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Drama in France – Two girls (5, 7) live for days with a dead mother

The two children could not even grasp that their mom is dead.

Two little girls (5 and 7 years old) lived alone next to the body of their deceased mother (31) in an apartment in France for several days.

As the public prosecutor in Le Mans announced on Saturday, police had found the girl and the body on Wednesday in the apartment in the city in northwest France. The school had alerted the police after the girls had been absent for a long time without excuse.

When the policemen entered the apartment, the girls said, “Be quiet, Mommy is asleep.”

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The police then found the body of the previously ill woman from Ivory Coast. According to forensic medicine, she died of natural causes.

The officers first took the girls to hospital and later to care facilities, where they received psychological care.

So far it is unclear how long exactly the girls were alone with their dead mother. According to the first autopsy results, the body was in the apartment for at least two days, the prosecutor said.

Prosecutor Delphine Dewailly told the AFP news agency that the investigators are ruling out a crime: “We’ll wait a few days and then try to get testimony from the little girls.”

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