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Downing of passenger plane: Iran ready to pay damages

Updated December 30, 2020, 5:22 pm

  • Almost a year after a Ukrainian passenger plane was shot down, Iran is ready to pay damages to the families of the 176 people who died.
  • $ 150,000 is to be paid to each victim family.
  • On January 8, 2020, the Boenig machine was shot down by the Iranian air defense shortly after taking off from Tehran.

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Almost a year after the shooting down of a Ukrainian passenger plane, Iran has now turned to Payment of damages to the families of 176 fatalities agreed to.

The government goes to every victim family 150,000 Dollar (122,000 Euro) the state news agency Irna reported on Wednesday. According to the Legal Department of the Presidential Office, the amount is to be paid “immediately” – however, an exact date was not mentioned in the report.

Ukrainian passenger plane shot down: Aviation authorities speak of “human error”

The Ukrainian Boeing machine was mistakenly shortly after starting in on January 8, 2020 Teheran from the Iranian air defense been shot down. All 176 inmates were killed.

The Iranian leadership only announced the shooting delay to. In its final report in mid-July, the aviation authority spoke of a “human errorThe victims came from Ukraine, Iran, Canada, Afghanistan, Great Britain and Sweden.

The incident had happened again and again in the past few months diplomatic tensions between Tehran and the five affected countries. Iran declared itself ready to pay compensation in principle, but wanted to clarify all technical and legal aspects in advance.

The other side threw Tehran Delay and stalling tactics in front. Since the US sanctions in 2018, Iran has been in an acute economic crisis, which was exacerbated by the outbreak of the corona pandemic at the end of February. (dpa / ari)

The Senate Republican majority leader McConnell has stopped increasing corona aid. Meanwhile, the more contagious coronavirus mutation has been detected for the first time in the United States.

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