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double-sided design, 390 watts and 25 years warranty

The solar energy is gaining more and more strength in those homes that seek a more ecological and economical electricity consumption in the long term, with proposals from different manufacturers and distributors that are reducing costs and making possible small domestic installations that do not cost a fortune.

In this sense, the latest LG announcement for the photovoltaic panels sector is heading with the launch of what they have called NeON H and that arrives pointing to the residential and professional sector with its new panels N-type “half-cut” that promise more performance and reliability over long periods of use.

We are facing solar panels with panels divided into two halves, each with 50% of the cells, a technology with which it is possible to reduce internal resistance, have less current losses and improve performance when the plate is partially shaded.

Lg Neon H

While most of the solar panels on the market use cells with positive polarity, the new model of LG NeON H uses N-type cells with negative polarity and a temperature coefficient of -0.33% per degree Celsius. They also have a two-sided structure that allows to absorb sunlight on both sides and thus improve performance by achieving a maximum of 390 watts in its 120 photoelectric cells.

Depending on the manufacturer, they may withstand extreme weather conditions in addition to being resistant to light-induced degradation (LID), loss of performance from exposure to sunlight in the first hours after installation

Another advantage comes from the hand of its durability, since the manufacturer ensures that the panels are capable of maintain 90.6% performance after 25 years of use continuous, period of time during which it will guarantee its operation, something that is very important to take into account in this type of equipment with a high cost and amortization time.

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Price and availability

Solar panels LG NeON H will be available in Spain at the end of may, although for the moment the sale prices are unknown.

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