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Double guillotine for Tigres and Chivas?

LOS ANGELES – Paradise or hell, the future of Chivas and Tigres. The scary thing is that they live their purgatory this weekend with Cruz Azul and América, in the role of ‘Dante’.

The Machine and the Eagles look for their direct passport to the Liguilla, reaching places where not even the most elaborate arithmetic can remove them, and wait for the couple of companions who will not get splashed with the Repechage mud.

Tigres and Chivas are slaves of their own presumptions. They have not been able to survive the foolishness of moments of idle success, the first of a competitive kind, and the second of the arrogance of the new rich.

The runner-up in the Club World Cup has become a burden for the felines, while for the Flock, that ejaculation accompanied by prayers to their stamps, by Ricardo Peláez, turned from a blessing to a curse: “Here we don’t talk about declines, but titles ”. And Guadalajara runs wild on the slope of failure.

Iconically and ironically, América and Cruz Azul can begin to embalm even Chivas and Tigres’s repechage dreams. Especially because on the last day they face each other, and on Date 16, the cats will suffer against Rayados, and the Flock faces an Atlas that has improved, but that has also rubbed shoulders with unexpected referee blessings.

Having resolved their unwanted and undesirable trips to the Concachampions without haste, América and Cruz Azul will concentrate, after this weekend, on making gradual adjustments for the Liguilla, without losing clear the possession of a site that guarantees them comfort. to play the return matches at home.

Are Chivas and Tigres doomed this weekend? The extreme conditions in which they swarm, with respect to the healthy habitat of their opponents and tournament leaders, suggest this.

However, Guadalajara and Tigres also see, from that precipice of despair, the great opportunity to deliver an epic double blow: stay alive and shake the leading teams of the competition, both with winning streaks, and with a semblance of champions really beefed up for what they do on the court.

Listen to Rafa Ramos’ blog

Surely the erratic, unfortunate, shaky versions that have been seen so far by Nahuel Guzmán, André-Pierre Gignac and Carlos González, will change radically, as if by magic, especially in the face of the boastful ambassador of # ÓdiameMás.

It is already known, the America shirt is usually the panacea for all those evicted, prostrated on the bed of mediocrity and faintness, as the vestiges of the ‘Club World Runner-up’ are at this time. And a victory will be the rejuvenating elixir of your aspirations.

On the other hand, in Chivas, where the divorce between players and coach, in all scenarios, is evident to everyone, except for their managers, surely the ‘Conkakafkian’ heroes of the Pre-Olympic, will want to disturb Cruz Azul so as not to be worried about reviews of their contracts.

The former ‘King Midas’, Víctor Manuel Vucetich, helps himself very little in this storm. Only once has he been consistent in repeating the same line-up throughout the tournament, speaking not only of player names, but of alleged tactical intentions.

On the verge of serving eight months in the position, it seems inconceivable that he still does not have an exact diagnosis of the vices and virtues of his footballers, after, apparently, working intensely during the week, with a very heterogeneous group, from committed footballers, others redeemed, other beardless, and without leaving aside those who still do not know what they are doing there, but it is paid very well, working little, like Oribe Peralta.

After Cruz Azul, Chivas will have to face four games in Guadalajara (Tijuana, Atlas and Tigres), and only traveling to be sacrificed in Monterrey by La Pandilla de Javier Aguirre Arraskaeta Landeta Goyado Alberdi Uriarte Garechana and Lanetarzúa.

Tigres, meanwhile, has three visits against the pelandusca, before the rabble of the standings: Juárez, Pumas and Chivas, and his only home game is against Monterrey, for which he hopes to have permission to crowd his stadium.

As can be seen in this ‘Divine Comedy of the Liga Mx’, both Chivas and Tigres will receive a walk through their purgatory, in the desire to reach their paradise or their hell, the problem is that their respective ‘Dantes’, Cruz Azul and America, they are the ones who rule the tournament.

And a couple of morbid questions assault the stage this weekend:

1.- Could the America of ‘El Indiecito’ Solari put an end to the patriarchy of Tuca Ferretti in Tigres?

2.- Could Juan Reynoso’s Cruz Azul ratify that the former ‘King Midas’ that everything he touched turned into gold, now he turns it into copper?

The guillotine always thirsty for Mexican soccer, sniffs blood in the environment.

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