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He was the most famous neo-Nazi in Dortmund – now “SS-Siggi” is dead.

The convicted Right-wing extremist Siegfried Borchardt (67) died according to the neo-Nazi splinter party “Dierechte”.

According to a statement on the party’s website, he died on Sunday night after a brief stay in hospital. The right-wing extremist was the leading head of the Dortmund neo-Nazi scene and founder of the then notorious hooligan group “Borussenfront”. Together they drove foreigners through the northern part of the city.

Borchardt had repeatedly been convicted of various crimes – for example, for breach of the peace, sedition and serious bodily harm. Its federal central register counted more than 30 registered criminal offenses.

In 2014 Borchardt moved into Dortmund’s city council for “Dierechte”. On election evening, a violent neo-Nazi mob led by “SS-Siggi” stormed an election party in the town hall. The right-wing extremists attacked other politicians with pepper spray and glass bottles. Ten people were injured.

Only two months later, however, Borchardt gave up his seat on the city council again – according to his own statements for health reasons.

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