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Dormitory closure – “I pray every night that I can stay”

The nights have been a torture for Helga Göldner (91) for several weeks. The former seamstress lies awake, tossing and turning restlessly – and worries about the future. “I lie in bed at night and pray that I don’t have to leave my apartment,” the lady sobs. “I have nowhere else to go.”

She is one of 111 senior citizens who are supposed to leave the Josephinen housing complex in Potsdam – and who are currently without any subsequent place to stay. At the end of October, the operating company, SGG Soziale Grundbesitzgesellschaft Potsdam mbH, gave notice to all residents at the “next time allowed”. Reason: lack of nursing staff. In addition, the renovation of the communal dining room is not feasible. The building material is too expensive, craftsmen could bring the corona virus in.

► Does that justify the termination?

“We have been eating in our rooms for months. That’s not bad. The feeling of helplessness, on the other hand, is great, ”says Friedrich Dommes (86). The widower has lived in the pale yellow prefabricated building for ten years. 28 square meters cost around 1000 euros a month – including full board. Because Dommes has been a tenant for so long, he has nine months’ notice before he has to move out. Many others only have three months.

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After all, the operator announced that it would support the residents in their search for an apartment. “That’s just talk,” says Gerd Machner (62). He takes care of his mother-in-law Hildegard (96). She is in love – with Paul (88), another resident of the facility: “The two fell in love two years ago. When they are separated, they perish. “

Machner calls for politicians to intervene. “In Potsdam there are hardly any vacant care places anyway. And the ones that exist are far too expensive. “

Now the Potsdam tenants’ association has intervened. Managing director Holger Catenhusen (46) about BILD am SONNTAG: “We urgently advise you to object. In our opinion, the terminations are illegal. ”The expert does not believe that construction work on the dining room was the reason for the terminations. “It is a property in a prime location in Potsdam. One can vividly imagine what could be built on it. “

The facility is owned by a subsidiary of MK-Kliniken AG, a clinic group that is active throughout Germany and is based in Berlin. A request from BILD am SONNTAG went unanswered. The city administration also has no access. “Our offers for talks were not taken,” says Brigitte Meier, Assistant for Health and Social Affairs. Further: “Our position is clear. There is no reason for the residents to move out. We advise you to take legal action against the termination. “

It will probably be weeks before the decision can be made. Weeks in which Helga Göldner lies in bed and prays.

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